SalahWrong Appearance #2 @ Ribut 10:59

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SarChan and i stayed back in the office on Friday night and sorted out our playlist before heading to Changkat BB for our SalahWrong gig for Ribut at Cloth & Clef.

I dragged her to Flam’s to grab some tapas and wine, raving to her that she had to try the new tapas menu they’ve come up with a month ago.
Love the wagyu beef sausages + gorgonzola cheese, and oysters for RM4 a piece.
Everytime i go there to catch up/have a meeting, i’ll always sit in the SAME spot.
Creature of habit.

Ribut + SalahWrong @ Cloth & Clef

We got a splitter for our headphones this time, so no passing back and forth of one set headphones :p

Ribut + SalahWrong @ Cloth & Clef

JustinLim + ClaudiaOnCrack

Ribut + SalahWrong @ Cloth & Clef

RowdyRudy + C&C owner Ethaya

Ribut + SalahWrong @ Cloth & Clef

SpankyCammy + ClaudiaOnCrack

Ribut + SalahWrong @ Cloth & Clef

We keep on correcting people who say we DJ.
We don’t know how to DJ okay… we just choose songs, mix a lil, fuck up a bit, and press play.


Ribut + SalahWrong @ Cloth & Clef

RezaSexyGrin +CloudsBigGrin
Ribut + SalahWrong @ Cloth & Clef

SpankyCammy + AshleyTheMonkey
Ribut + SalahWrong @ Cloth & Clef

Jin + AdamPoserPan

Ethaya fed SarChan and me long island tea, which was damn 9 strong..!
I super jiao tut on it that night, felt it, and let SarChan run off with the jug.

Ribut + SalahWrong @ Cloth & Clef

Kevin Yeohhhhhhhh

Ribut + SalahWrong @ Cloth & ClefRibut + SalahWrong @ Cloth & Clef

RowdyRudy’s foot has been in a cast for two weeks, so if you’re wondering why you didn’t hear him on air for a week, it’s because he was seriously bedridden for a while.
He’s been telling people he got injured saving a girl from a rapist.
In actuality… he… *whispers*tripped on a pebble*

Ribut + SalahWrong @ Cloth & Clef

Ribut + SalahWrong @ Cloth & Clef

NurMeiLing, me with my obvious new obsession with bright coral, Olivia

I’ll leave you with a picture of SarChan and i doing what we did best that night…
Play our songs and LAYAN PARTAY!

Ribut + SalahWrong @ Cloth & Clef

Even if some of you couldn’t handle our powerchicktrip music, the whole point of us playing is because nobody in KL plays the songs we want to hearย   :xlaughing:

5 Responses to SalahWrong Appearance #2 @ Ribut 10:59

  1. sarchan says:

    ommmgggg i love that last pic of us!!!!! gimme high res!!

  2. clouds says:

    i like the picture with me and reza – who casually gives thumbs up in a normal conversation? ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. JoyceTheFairy says:

    sarchan: remind me when i’m at home k

    clouds: your partner does. ha ha

    sc: shameless -_-

  4. Mae says:

    Haha, my friend actually caught a picture of Rudy’s back at the clinic after he had his cast on. Seriously, on a pebble? I got a cast on for 6 weeks after clumsily stepping into a pothole will my heavy bag on my back.

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