Still Recovering.

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I thought i wasn’t going to have fun at the MTV Asia Awards cos i really didn’t know where i was going to be, who was going to be around me, and all that jazz.

Isn’t it the BEST when you don’t expect anything, and get maybe the best party experience in a year, back!?

I spent most of my time at the front of the mosh pit area, screaming, cheering and bopping to the bands playing.

I introduced the SarChan and ClaudiaOnCrack to DikHaHaHau, Mike and Anthony and they got along swell. Wanting to drink, we all piled into Anthony’s van and left the awards for half an hour to drink at one of the bars before running back in to party.

Then we went to the MTV After Party which everyone was trying to get invites into.

Highlights of the night:
– i touched MadcapperSa’s chest. The woman should never be allowed to dress like that in front of me again.
– DidiBuli wore a sequined dress *gasp*
– Jared Leto asked me how old i was. I said 25. He said i looked 16.
– I danced with a plant
– I’m quite lame with who’s who and kept on asking the bandboys’ names repeatedly (my goldfish memory remember), getting smacks from my friends.
– This random lady i met wanted to take pictures with Panic At The Disco cos her son loves them, so i hooked her up. Then skipped away without meeting them myself :p It’s okay. I was happy with my plant.
– I’m so nice when i’m tipsy that i offered to play tour guide to one of the bands when they’re in KL. I so don’t remember that.
– I asked Utt to go away cos i just wanted to hover around Taya. She’s TOO CUTE.
– I asked a security guard and scared a few strangers asking them whether they’ve heard of Reza Salleh. SarChan was trying to cover my mouth with her hand.
– I told Reza Salleh that if i fell over on the escalator, he was going to pay for my life insurance.

In the end i passed out on the bed with SarChan and RezaSalleh. We woke up still feeling drunk the next day. Well, i did anyway.

A few pictures before i blog more about it tomorrow  :xlaughing:

MTV Asia Awards 2008

The Arena of Stars

MTV Asia Awards 2008

ClaudiaOnCrack and Mike in Anthony’s Pimp Van

MTV Asia Awards 2008

JollyMooky, Hani, moi, AdamPoserPan

MTV Asia Awards 2008

The Freeformers  :xwinky: SarChan, ClaudiaOnCrack, DidiBuli

MTV Asia Awards 2008

WhackyDaph, fairy, Mui (i think i’m just gonna dub her BarbieMui from now on)

MTV Asia Awards 2008

Sham and MadcapperSa toying around with my tiny gun and handcuff necklace.

MTV Asia Awards 2008

JC, me balancing on one leg (??), SmallSerena

MTV Asia Awards 2008

Kyan, Sham, DikHaHaHau, little person, Anthony

MTV Asia Awards 2008

Utt, me getting too excited with Taya’s lips so near… I like her happy colourful dress!

MTV Asia Awards 2008

Utt was really nice. I promise i won’t be mean to him next time >.<

And morning after…

MTV Asia Awards 2008


Was so hard to get up. SO blinking hard! I was burying my head back into the pillow going, “NooooOooooo” and SarChan took a shot.

8 Responses to Still Recovering.

  1. kenji says:

    eh ur room doesnt look like first world?

    anyways! anthony is so hot??! and can i ask where you bought that cool gun/handcuff necklace

  2. HY says:

    u spoken to Jared Leto??

    Jealous laaaaaaaa… ๐Ÿ™

  3. supamamia says:

    Taya is hot!
    What are you wearing? and passed out without taking off the err.. jacket? haha.. madness!

  4. MH says:

    OMG. You spoke to Jared Leto. My heart died a little when I found out I missed 30 Seconds To Mars’ concert in Sydney last year when they came for MTV Aus Awards. My heart died even more when I found out he was hosting MTV Asia Awards and my heart totally died when I found out MTV Asia Awards were going to be held on my birthday. All when I’m stuck in Sydney.

  5. abby says:

    you looked so pretty!

  6. hey joyce! i was mtv too! who is mike btw?
    yehhhh its so much fun yeh
    ur so lucky to be able to snap a photo with jered leto
    all my friends are dying to take a photo wit him until i also yang tak kenal him feel like influence to take a photo with him, tapi tak dapat! sucks gilerrrr!! ahahahahah


  7. Irene says:

    Utt is utterly gorgeous! gosh ๐Ÿ™‚ *melt*

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