Rainforest Pix Part Deux

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Kuching Rainforest Fest 08

I meant to only put up a few pictures but i got carried away once i started.
Standard la.

In continuation from the pics in this post, here are the others.
And i’m not going to bitch about the festival, lost feel already.

Before i start, i forgot to put a picture of baby Sumya!

Kuching Rainforest Fest 08

Okay, now continue:

Kuching Rainforest Fest 08

I got the romper for RM10 from BabyNotFrumpy at Bijou Bazaar.
YC snagged the black one before i got there. Dammit. The woman is fast.

Kuching Rainforest Fest 08

Vintage aviators from Urbanscapes for RM20.
SarChan cannot tahan how she keeps on commenting, “Hey, that top/scarf/necklace is nice,” to which i’d reply, “It’s from Urbanscapes!”

Kuching Rainforest Fest 08
Pug + Salah

Kuching Rainforest Fest 08

Pug: I like tootsies!
NurMeiLing: ahhhhh…
SarChan: Peek-a-boo!

Kuching Rainforest Fest 08
NurMeiLing striping it

Kuching Rainforest Fest 08
My runners’ knees. That’s what the doctor calls them.

Kuching Rainforest Fest 08

We ate at this nicely-setup food area which wasn’t there before.
A lamb stew cost RM18.
“It’s like in KL la…”
“But we’re NOT in KL!”

Kuching Rainforest Fest 08

Day 3 – Sunday
Kuching Rainforest Fest 08

We had lunch under the shade of a tree by the river, isn’t it gorgeous?
Kuching Rainforest Fest 08

Kuching Rainforest Fest 08

KennySia helped me buy wellies cos of the mud (which i didn’t end up using in the end).
If i could have my pick, i’d want Hunter boots!

The next day, i smsed him to buy us chalk.
He asked what for.
I replied that we wanted to write rules on Happy Hut!
He retorted we’re nuts.
And he forgot to buy us the chalk.
It’s ok. I forgot too, ha ha.
After workshops we pottered off to Damai beach to catch some evening rays.

Kuching Rainforest Fest 08

I brought all my animal necklaces along – giraffe (from Urbanscapes. See. Again!), zebra (from Bkk) and whistling bird (from Chiang Mai).

Kuching Rainforest Fest 08
Salah Chan, Joyce Wrong

Kuching Rainforest Fest 08

Can you see the people leaping across the sand?

Kuching Rainforest Fest 08

KhaiLee and Jeff

Kuching Rainforest Fest 08

Urh… a bit the heavy reading for a holiday right, Jeff…

Kuching Rainforest Fest 08

Rain coming in the distance.

KhaiLee introduced beach game ‘butt-wrestling’ to us, to which we played with much gusto till it was dark.

Kuching Rainforest Fest 08
Deep and gang.

Kuching Rainforest Fest 08

It was raining the next morning (Monday) and i was praying it’d go away so i’d get some beach time before our flight at 7pm.

I remember reading this children’s story once (i can’t remember the author) and it was about a girl who wanted to go out to play but it was raining.
“If you can find enough patch of blue in the rainy sky to make a pair of pants, it’ll be sunny in no time!” said her grandmother to her.

Ever since then, every time it rains i look out for a patch of blue.
Even just a small patch is enough to give me hope for a sunny day, cos small pants count too right?
Kuching Rainforest Fest 08Kuching Rainforest Fest 08Kuching Rainforest Fest 08

Kuching Rainforest Fest 08

Kuching Rainforest Fest 08

Kuching Rainforest Fest 08
EddyTheCanvas. Well. His arm anyway.

Kuching Rainforest Fest 08

Kuching Rainforest Fest 08

This is how RacerKang packs. For real.

The boys left, and it was sunny again!
So i ran to the beach…

Kuching Rainforest Fest 08
I used the mat Heineken was giving out for every 5 cans of beer bought at the Rainforest Fest.

Kuching Rainforest Fest 08

Nice thing about everyone having earlier flights is they pass us all the goods to finish.

Kuching Rainforest Fest 08

AlcoJason smsed me one random Saturday morning concerning our tattoo, “Don’t hate me, i’m in Ibiza right now and someone from a magazine just took a picture of our tattoo. I’ll try to get you a copy.”

Kuching Rainforest Fest 08

SpankyCammy and David

The Junk people (er, solely AprilPikachu) were asking me whether i met David Knight at Rainforest.
“Hmm, i met a David…”
“David Knight, he’s a singer…”
“Really? … Oh wait, i vaguely remember him telling me about performing in KL…”

Catch him on his brief stint here before he heads back to California:
Sat JUL19 – The Apartment
Sun JUL20 – KLPac, KL Sing Song
Wed JUL23 – No Black Tie
Fri JUL25 – Acoustic Jaya w/ Jerome Kugan
Sat JUL26 – Acoustic Jaya
Wed JUL30 – The Attic

SpankyCammy came to join us on the beach after we’d been there about two hours.
Can you see how i just roasted?!

Kuching Rainforest Fest 08

And mind you, i put heaps of SPF60 sunblock on!

Kuching Rainforest Fest 08
Andrew, who stayed with Farah and us in the cabin.
He be gallivanting up north to Thailand before heading back to Perth.

Kuching Rainforest Fest 08



15 Responses to Rainforest Pix Part Deux

  1. niki says:

    I’m planning to get a tattoo as well. Can you recommend any? I asked around here in SG and people told me not to get it here. So if I’m down in KL I could probably get it there. Any suggestions?

  2. chyi says:

    Hey. Joyce.
    Great photos and ur wooden giraffe does look very nice.
    P.S i wonder what’s ur pet in facebook? Do u have a mini zoo there?

  3. gracielau says:

    the story is by enid blyton and it was about how a grandma told the little girl if she could find a patch of blue sky to make a sailor doll a pair of pants then it wouldn’t rain. once the patch of blue was found, the grandma would snip it out of the sky using a pair of magic scissors and by muttering a strange incantation and the patch of blue that was cut out would just float down.

    geez..i can’t believe i actually remembered the story.

  4. jules says:

    i remember the story too! it IS from enid blyton! and joyce, i think about it too, everytime it rains!!! i always look for the patch of blue whenever there are dark clouds!!!!

  5. timstone says:

    why is kenny staring at your boobs? O.o

  6. kate says:

    i just so like your Vintage aviators~
    damn cheap n nice!

  7. anna says:

    i remember the story too!! yup it’s from enid blyton. dunno how many times i read it lah haha =)

  8. dreckker says:

    wahhh… you looked pretty toasted after soaking up da sun…

  9. pretaporter says:

    Look lots of fun but I must say you have a funny body shape in that picture πŸ˜›

  10. Kevin Yeoh says:

    Yes we’re all perfect.

  11. Darren says:

    Very nice sunset pic.
    Seems like you’re really enjoyin ur life=)

  12. hui wen says:

    Heehee, a little slow here, but I rememberrrrr!! It’s enid blytonn! Mmm, now I am thinking of flying cottages and faraway trees. πŸ˜›

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