Hmm So That Was Pointless

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So i had the chatterbox up for a few months, thinking that maybe people can well, chat on it. That's what it's for right?

Instead of chatting it got spammed with:
- ads and links = utterly pointless and unwanted on my side
- random 'hi' from strangers = not like i'll answer every one, i don't even have time to answer all the 'post comments' i get, but i do read them all 🙂
- incredible insults = undesirable
- psychotic (i swear... damn weird) msgs from fictional characters saying things that didn't make sense

I saw a msg someone left tonight -

missy: jebus. joyce, take this cbox off! the comments are rude, vulgar.. so takde respect. seriously la ppl, clog some other person's blog. u dun like what's her, click X. simple. mentality yg memalukan!

Then i thought, hmm. I moderate my comments for the same reason - to keep my online space untarnished and MINE. The chatterbox didn't achieve what i'd hoped it would, which is random chatting amongst people.

So fuck it.


5 Responses to Hmm So That Was Pointless

  1. Rachy says:

    esp those spartan oracles. totally screwed up.

  2. Wen says:

    do add me in your msn. been trying to contact you for awhile.


  3. cynthia says:

    the very reason why i didnt start a cbox in my current blog, got the occasional stupid cbox comments in my old one

  4. mello says:

    yeah , i’ve actually thought of suggesting to you to bulldoze the cbox but well , you DID put it up . . . anyways, thank goodness it’s gone !. =D way to go you !!.

  5. missy says:

    wow. i is bangga jap. lol.

    thank god you removed it, i couldn’t stand looking at the stupid comments. made me want to smack their faces with my maddens. haha!

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