The Good, the Bad, and the Crappy.

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Space was the new kid on the block on Asian Heritage Row the past couple of months.
Euphoria launched today (M.O.S., in Sunway and non-smoking)
And Cloth and Clef on Changkat Bukit Bintang opens its doors for a soft launch tomorrow.

Clubs and bars aside, i took an hour to drive from Jalan Bukit Bintang to KLCC today.
Shocker, i know.
I’m still beefing from it.

Who said people in KL drive less ever since the petrol price increased?!
Utter rubbish, i thought, as i inched along Jalan Sultan Ismail.
“So. Fucking. Jam. Can. Die,” i smsed RowdyRudy as he waited for me in Chinoz.

I had five mins to sip a drink before we headed off for Beauty and the Beast (the musical) in KL Convention Centre.

We were so disappointed.
So. So. Disappointed.

You know i adore Disney.
And Beauty and the Beast is one of my favourites.
I know the songs by heart.
I know the tunes by heart.
I know all the damn lyrics by heart.

But… the musical just didn’t *do* it for me y’know?

The interpretation of the cartoon movie into a musical was pretty cool at certain parts, but that’s to be expected.
I expected mind-blowing ‘phwoar’ moments.
I didn’t get any of that.

Was it just me?
Couldn’t be!
I wasn’t that tired from work and i’d been looking forward to the musical for the past week!

“Is it me?” i asked RR
“No -_- That really blew ass.”

My problems with tonight was:

1. I realised whoever was sitting at the side couldn’t possibly see the cast when they were acting there, cos i could just about view them and i was 7 seats from the side.

2. Coughing orchestra.

Oh jesus. There were random people coughing every two seconds after the interval, i kid you not. Even the people in front of me were heard commenting, “Is there a flu going around?!”

All i could hear was *cough*… *cough*from another side*… *cough*cough*the other side*… *cougH*behind me*… *cough*kid in front*

Funny thing was people who were previously bitching in front? One of them started coughing too -_-

Oh. And kids and babies started crying.

Good GOD. I know B&TB is a children’s show… but if your child’s going to start wailing, don’t bring them to the musical! Or at least, don’t be selfish and take them out!

3. Sound was bad.

Mike failed a few times. And overall sound wasn’t great. I won’t look highly upon musicals held in KLCC again (my first time watching there, it’s always been Istana Budaya so far, in msia anyway)

I don’t know. The ending was cheesy, people laughed when the beast died cos his last breath sounded funny. The part where he transformed from a beast to a human consisted of him being spun around, which brought to my mind the Exorcist.

We walked out of the venue feeling dissatisfied and going, “MMMF.”


“I think it’s after going for West End and Broadway, musicals will never live up to those.”
“Of course, i know that you cannot compare, but at least the others i went to in kl left me with a bit of that ‘ahhh’ feeling, even if not a lot.”
“Shall we walk through the outside part of inside?”
he queried – changing the subject quickly as we always do – gazing at the many people walking indoors.
“Inside. I’m wearing my nice shoes today and it just rained -_-“

We consoled ourselves with drinks at the Mandarin after that.
“What are you going to have?”
“Guinness. I’m dying for a Guinness.”

“Now i’ll look like a pussy next to you if i order wine.”

6 Responses to The Good, the Bad, and the Crappy.

  1. Gette says:

    Y’know, I was this close to flying over there to watch B&TB this weekend, but things keep happening when I want to book my plane and show tickets. In the end tak jadi. So now I know why. O.o;

  2. qookie says:

    see see.. if go rolex sure you have more fun..heheh.
    btw, traffic was a bitch on sultan ismail yesterday, was stuck on the same road for an hour to get to pavilion. blergh. i agree. can die! =D

  3. Liz says:

    The show wasn’t that bad when I attended on Thursday night. No coughing. No mike failures. Only thing was they didn’t start at 8 as promised. Ppl were still busy creeping in.
    Although, I must agree with you that Istana Budaya is still ‘the’ place.

  4. Rosalind says:

    Actually, I normally check the venue of the musical before going for it. The last time I watched a musical at KLCC was for Grease and it was horrible (the first and the last time I’m ever going there). The whole production was like…I dun know. It didn’t live up to my expectations and it didn’t help when you have the tech people with their screens set up smack in the middle of nowhere distracting those sitting at the back especially. I walked out feeling like I just got conned.

  5. JoyceTheFairy says:

    gette: yeah :p

    qookie: ha ha… but i wouldn’t have known if i didn’t go see!

    liz: what are you talking about… there was INCESSANT coughing after intermission. and the mike was soft a few times when different members of the cast started talking, before it picked up and was loud, so obvious.

    rosalind: we know the conned feeling! like you’re expecting something amazing but tak kena fulfilled >.<

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