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If you haven’t read a single bit about Mister Potato’s Project Trafford on any blogs by now, i can say two things to you:
1. You obviously don’t surf Malaysian blogs much.
2. You only read my blog (awesome!)

Timothy of Nuffnang called me up to ask me to partake in Project Trafford and admittedly, i was rather doubtful about it.

Me, football?
Me, chips?
I mean, I snack, but i don’t snack that much!
And i’d always rather write about something that is in tie with my lifestyle and blog.

“So… why am i doing this again?” i asked.
“Because we’re drawing together 40 bloggers as a community, and it’s not just top bloggers, but for them to lead other bloggers as well,” he answered.
“Damn. That’s a pretty good answer.”

How could i say no to that?
I’m all for raising the profile and integrity of bloggers.

Mister Potato is having a Football Contest whereby the top 30 people who can collect the most Football Points will win a trip to Manchester to watch a live match and get a stadium and museum tour worth RM15,000 each.

That’s not a small prize.

Not only that, the three highest Football Point Collectors win an additional RM5,000 each.

Project Trafford

And what are these Football Points, you ask?

They’re accumulated from Mister Potato products, naturally.

A 160gm canister seal is worth 3 points,
85g bag is 2 points,
and a 55g bag is 1 point.

But Project Trafford is NOT solely the Football Contest.
Project Trafford was putting 40 bloggers into groups of 6 people each, inclusive of a team leader.

Each team had to plot and scheme a game plan – the best way they can acquire as many Football Points as possible if they were to actually carry it out.

I was asked to be team leader and the reason i was so hesitant at first is because meeting up with my different teams at work (as in, full-time job work) was hectic as it is, not counting something extra!

But i was thinking, it’s always possible, if you push to make time for it.

So i got introduced to my team on email (which bad enough, i didn’t reply, till one of them put a note on my chatbox reminding me to email them back!) and here they are:

Project Trafford

1. Ken Chan of
An IT Manager from PJ, he likes playing golf and food-hunting, as can be seen from the picture i put. I can’t find a picture of him on his blog. It’s all food. -_-

Project Trafford

2. Wallace Tan of
Studying architecture besides being a fluent musician, it seems!

XXX no pic. Because i put the wrong one and i’m pressing time right now :p

3. Chze Hong is an engineering student from PJ, he blogs at

Project Trafford

4. Sharon Ong, a software engineer and owner of
She’s cute. And she’s holding a drink. Extra points!

Project Trafford

5. And Darren Lim of
Studying IT and active in sports from football and basketball to swimming.


The beam is for the enthusiastic and great team they were, despite being kancheong.

We were planning to meet up to discuss our game plan and had a group chat on MSN to arrange it.
Oh my god.
I think i was on the chat with all the guys and they took AGES deciding where and when to meet.
I replied with, “Can die. You all are worse than girls wei.”

In the end Ken took the initiative to start up a forum where we posted and discussed our ideas for the game plan.
Many ideas were thrown into the forum.
I gawked at some.
Laughed encouragingly at others, they were really funny, but good funny.
Some ideas were really whack, about each getting jobs in Mister Potato and stealing canisters and things.

Then i started getting confused.


Are we supposed to think of something that is doable, or we can go all whack?

Aiyo. Headache.

So i asked Robb of Nuffnang and he said something that is doable.

Okay, so back on track to crazy ideas that can realistically be carried out.

With factors to bear in mind like:
– getting as many seals as possible with team work involved
– leverage on the power of the internet

We decided that our game plan would be a flash mob.

What is a flash mob?

Although precise origins are unknown, flash mobs are generally getting big groups of people to collect at a designated area at a specific time and everyone carries out the same act.

“Webster’s New Millennium Dictionary of English defines flash mob as โ€œa group of people who organize on the Internet and then quickly assemble in a public place, do something bizarre, and disperse.”

It’s done either with political undertones or to poke fun at social conformity; causing confusion, curiosity and shock when carried out, all in the name of fun as well.

One of my favourite flash mob videos is this hilarious one in Japan:

KL has seen a few flash mobs as reported *here* and *here*

So we were thinking, hey, we’ll do our own flash mob.
Where we’d organise online, spread the word and set the date.

The flyer would go something like this:

Project Trafford

(aren’t my team mates awesome? They took the time to design the flyer)

Our flash mob would involve hundreds of people eating Mister Potato in KLCC park all of a sudden.
What we haven’t decided yet is the action to go with it, that you, the participants of the flash mob would vote for!

Imagine hundreds of people eating Mister Potato and dancing in front of the twin towers at the same time!
Or holding the canister above their head while chomping on the chips!
Or camwhoring by themselves while munching on Mister Potato!

Imagine the reaction of all the people around the park (families, tourists) who have NO CLUE what’s going on and their expressions!

 :xlaughing:  :xlaughing:  :xlaughing:  :xlaughing:

So how does one partake?

1. Wear a white shirt.
Any white shirt. It’s not an obvious colour, but it stands out when so many people are grouped together. The team members themselves will be wearing red shirts, just to help you spot us.

2. Bring Mister Potato canister chips with you (including seals!)
So we’re aiming high. Cos the canisters are three points per seal and they look so much better than a bag. We accept bags too. But we be loving you more for bringing canister seals to partake.

Project Trafford

Project Trafford

3. Meet at designated time and place (KLCC)

Everyone will meet at a particular area on the side, preferably quiet, where everyone’s quickly briefed and passes us their seals as participation fee.  :xwinky:

Project Trafford

Project Trafford
4. Adjourn to front of KLCC entrace (at park) where everyone starts chomping away on Mister Potato at the same time for 10 minutes.

To make sure things would go smoothly, designated responsibilities are:
Event Coordinator and Team Leader: Joyce (Media and Celebs)
Assistant Coordinator and host: Ken (E-flyers, Facebook)
Registration and Seal collectors: Wallace, Darren and Chze Hong
Head count: Sharon

Imagine chomping on Mister Potato next to your favourite celeb and camwhoring.
And seeing how the past huge flash mob in Pavilion was covered on national TV, blogs, magazines and the newspapers; one held in KLCC of this magnitude?

It would be MAD.

This advertorial is brought to you by:

Project Trafford

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