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I'm plagiarising a picture of Eduard and Alan i just stumbled on in Facebook.
It's so happy and carefree and cool!
Look at the wide open space!
The give-no-fuck tumbling!

eduard + alan

I never did blog finish about Vietnam after my last post *here*


Went out with PassedOutBen to catch up and i told him which car i've got my mind set on getting.
He asked me how much i earn and... i think he's the only person i've told.

POB: You know what you should get? THE GOLF GTI!
Me: Don't be stupid, i can't afford it!
POB: *starts calculating and spurting numbers to me*
Me: Seriously. I've already lost the plot from a Myvi okay.
POB: Yeah you already lost the plot. Might as well go all the way!
Me: -_-

POB: What colour are you getting?
Me: Blue, it's bright and happy! The red is a bit dull, not so nice.
POB: The black is cool also wut. But if you get the black, you can't put different bonnet colour.
Me: WHY would i want to do that!?
POB: You know... *blabbers about carbon fibre*
Me: But it's not real carbon fibre? For what! So wannabe! It's like carrying a fake designer bag!
POB: -_-

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  1. aw says:

    Real or fake carbon fibre on anywhere except on an lightweight sports car is damn poser and Ah Beng man. It’s prized for being lightweight, and helps only if you have heaps of it. If not, might as well diet and lose 10kg, then can notice more difference, ahahahahah.

    Anyway, a real CF bonnet going to cost (way) upwards of RM1000. If going for looks over performance, might as well get a nice set of rims.

    The Golf GTI is overpriced. Although no one should take Jeremy Clarkson seriously, he vehemently thinks so. RM200K? Can get super powerful imported Skyline already wei, with 100-200 more horsepower. Or for a girls’ car, might as well get a 2nd hand BMW convertible in great condition. Or a well-maintained Mercedes SLK! Or if a new car, can get super comfortable and spacious Camry or Accord already for RM160K+. Sheesh.

    Agh, leave the cars to the heteros 😀

  2. doremi says:

    what’s so great about this blog? and a kinky fairy name?
    I was told it is cool but all i read about is mundane everyday stuff and conversation…even my grandmother has more interesting things to say

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