I’m BACK! And Broke.

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LG flew me down to Singapore along with roughly 10 other members of the media to attend their Secret launch at the Expo.

I’m pooped but much to do and catch up on.
Breakdown is:

1. I ate so much!
2. Had a lovely view of the Singapore ferris wheel from my room at the Mandarin Oriental.
3. I WATCHED SEX AND THE CITY. And almost cried five times. Or something like that.
4. The Singapore Sale is still on and i contributed a worthy sum to their economy. Lugged back treasures from MNG (i happened to be free on their FIRST day of sale. The Shopping Gods love me), Marc Jacobs, BCBG, Nine West and oh god i can’t remember.

I’m still on adrenaline shopping high.

Bernard from Mobile World Magazine looked down at all my bags at the airport, “Wow, worked hard, i see!”
“Yeah, man. Lots of research.”

And tomorrow!

Tomorrow’s going to be crazy i know.
Have HEAPS of work to get my brain back into.
And Cat Got Your Tongue at night!
RSVP if you haven’t, to go, already!
250 people have RSVP-ed, it’s our last one at Mansion (we’re moving venue  :xwinky: ) so it’s going to be CRAZY.


My new car arrives in to my porch this week!!!

 :xlaughing:  :xlaughing:  :xlaughing:

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  1. vicki says:

    What…? You were at Communic? Lol, so was I, I wish I had known before you flew back. Ack!

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