Aftereffects of Urbanscapes

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My entire body hurt like a bitch this morning (especially my calves!) from walking around and dancing for three hours while Lap Sap and TAG performed at Urbanscapes yesterday.
Body cannot take it already.

I also ended up much poorer -_-
I withdrew 800 bucks and ended up with 100 today  :xstunned:
Where did it go?!

I know i ended up with a lot of stuff… super cool necklaces, scarves, dresses, shirts for my bro, and heaps of other things… oh, and a bag… but walau.
Totally donated money.

Ok body pain. Going to lie down.

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  1. Rachy says:

    i’ll definately be the first to sign up for the next one! and i got mobbed!! cis. nice to finally meet you joyce! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. jess says:

    show us what u bought… ^-^ teehee

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