Time To Go WILDDD!!!

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I be very proud of my girls  :xpleased:

Catch DarlingDhanya on the new edition of her show, Hitz Special (Ch 705) on Hitz.Tv at 8pm tonight!
Repeats on Sundays 8pm and Thursdays 5:30pm

Also, Tianna has started her radio show on Light & Easy every Mon-Fri mornings, 6am-10am.
She’s got a beautiful voice, and soul to match.
Yay Tianna!

*does fairy dance around everyone*



WILD on tomorrow night at The Loft @ Zouk  :xwinky:

Come see SarChan (aka Salah Chan) and DidiBuli take to the decks with their playlists.
They don’t claim themselves as DJs so don’t judge them.
They be Song Selectors, yo.

I tried asking them some questions so that people will know more on what WILD’s about.

Joyce: So, SarChan *cough*. What is WILD about?

SarChan: It’s about being animals.

Joyce: You’re not being serious.

SarChan: So what? We’re domesticated ones. Next question please.

Joyce: … C’mon, how did it start?

SarChan: On a whim on Facebook. Kevin Yeoh started it as a joke, cos i kept on going, “Wildddd!” all the time. He started a group dedicated to my ‘wild behaviour’ and it escalated into a night. I don’t know it happened. It must’ve been in the stars.

DidiBuli: You’re full of shit.

(They start babbling in malay about being multicultural)


Interview fail. Again.
WILD Facebook group *here*


Aldo is having a closing down sale, which i just found out today!
Needless to say, three of us from the office used our lunch time to rush over and i spent a disclosed amount of money on WICKED stuff.

Blogged about it *here*

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