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I woke up at 6am today (i know, how weird is that!) and did my laundry. Yes, i'm submitted to doing my laundry at either 2am or 6am on weekdays cos my mum or bro usually takes over the machines on weekends or i'm not in -_-

Quick links!

HanisTheManis has a blog  :xwinky: So cute la the way she writes. Someone commented why am i sucking up to her. I'm thinking, "What do i get out of sucking up to a 17-year-old?!" Weird la some people.


Good God. It finally happened. I simply guessed someone would do this one day and he finally did! Some dude proposed to his girlfriend on a blog. Of course, not any old blog, but Kenny Sia's. He looks kinda stiff though, from nervousness i guess.


I was watching a few of the BMW Shorties finalist films and some are pretty damn good! I can't even decide which i want to vote for yet! The '7 Squared' one made me think the girl was crazy at first. The 'Sing in Rain' made me laugh. But also, i can never get a good feel from hearing the song "Singing in the Rain" ever again after watching Clockwork Orange. There are 2 more days to vote. *click*


SuperstarAdlin has been generating brownie (damn, there's a pun!) points by bringing yummy snacks like apple crumble to the office and giving everyone portions. He doesn't make them of course. His fiancee Ayu does and she's got a blog at Rude With Food.

You can order things like mud cake, carrot cake with cheese frosting, choc chip banana bread and loads more from her too. I think SuperstarAdlin should bring more to the opis so i can rave about it properly.  :xlaughing:


Irman and Shermen have started this very cool party blog called Shoot Bang Bang. I know people out there aspire and have party photo blogs... but put their design + photography talent and wala! Fly looking site with pictures worthy of using on party flyers. Like Adrian Yap's picture on the WILD flyer. Don't think anyone could beat that though.  :xshy:

7 Responses to Quick Links

  1. […] Kinky Blue Fairy wrote an interesting post today on Quick LinksHere’s a quick excerptSuperstarAdlin has been generating brownie (damn, there’s a pun!) points by bringing yummy snacks like apple crumble to the office and giving everyone portions. He doesn’t make them of course…. […]

  2. Rosalind says:

    OMG. Blog proposal…I will make my bf re-propose if it happens to me =P But it prolly means something in a romantic way to the couple. Hehehe

  3. Seet says:

    hei… i kinda like 7 square.
    one take no cut!

  4. Vern says:

    It’s supposed to be romantic and sweet but i can’t help laughing so hard and have to watch it 2nd time hear what he was saying.
    He is definitely nervous:)
    ANd sweet..:)

  5. JoyceTheFairy says:

    rosalind: oh GOD, i would never want someone to propose to me on a blog… >.< OD already seet: was it one take for the entire thing? crap i'm so blur vern: ha ha ha you watched it twice?!

  6. Why is it so hard to leave comment here??? Dah lah im new to this, torture me sumore. Evil net. THANK YOU FOR THE QUICK LINK, YOU PRECIOUS PRECIOUS JOYCE! *peluk*

  7. Hanis Zalikha says:

    Why is it so hard to comment on your blog?? Dah lah im new here. Torture me sumore pulak this evil net. I bet you didnt get my lengthy comment yang i said you gorgeous gila with unique face, my mom agreed lah apa lah, then, i love your hair red or black, and it goes on and on. PENAT SAHAJA TAIP. Anyway, thanks for linking me! Thank you oh so mucho mucho you precious Joyce, you!

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