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I’s supposed to answer interview questions for this mag that’s interviewing me this month and procrastinated by YouTubing fairy vids.


So damn interesting to read people’s comments and hee hee, there are LOTS of fairy-believers like me!

So from fairy sighting vids, i accidentally stumbled unto an idiotic one that scared the living shit out of me, you know, those vids that ask you to sit closer and watch the screen carefully, then OUT POPS a shocking face and scream intruding in the middle of it -_-

Then i moved on through clicks to earth chants by Wiccans

And Beltaine circle rituals

And urm fairy full moon dances

Then tiba-tiba ended up on fairy dances = gay boys dancing


Talk about some serious lost-the-plot action going on.

Here are a couple of the better vids i found. Herbie Brennan on the three experiences with fairies in his life. You gotta be a bit quite patient to watch this cos he speaks slowly

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  1. aw says:

    What I want to know is, are there *really* any kinky blue fairies.

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