WILD!, DreamerCyn’s Birthday, 21 (again >.<) + Werner's.

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I take so many pictures all the time that when i do have time to blog, i end up blogging the most recent ones.
I’m still SO lagging in blogging about stuff that happened over Christmas (old news already -_-), Chiang Mai and Vietnam.
Oh well, better some then none!

Went for dinner to catch up with JustinYap at Twenty.one.
Always wanted to eat there again since the first time i ate with DatinTini, RowdyRudy and a few others.
I remember the food was fantastic, but then again, we were drunk at the time and it could be tipsy tongues-a-tasting. So had to go back and see whether what i remembered was true.

Justin Yap in the house.

I ordered my regular choc orange martini.
Actually, i didn’t order it.

The waiter went, “Choc orange martini?” before i even said it. Whatevah
And after dinner (which was fantastic, we shared a platter of starters and i had salmon for main) when we retreated upstairs to the bar for more cocktails, the bartender up there did the same thing too.

“Chocolate orange martini right?”
“… urm heh yeah.”

Maybe i should order other drinks to put them off tangent next time.
But then i won’t get to drink my favourite choc orange martini…

Twentyone Kitchen

Justin and i tak habis-habis talking, so we went to check out the newly-refurbished Frangi’s after that.
Well, *i* went to check it out, he’d already been for the relaunch that was on the night i was hiding at home, pei-ing myself with cough mixture and passing out.


Seeing Frangi’s hasn’t been of popular partying destination for some time, they were bound to turn to a face lift (frangi-lift? nah, that makes me think of frangipanty… and panty-lift instead 0_o sorry lari topic) to make it a puller again.

Heard it was massively packed a week ago.

Their specialty cocktail prices have jumped from RM28 to RM34.

Inflation, cost of other things, bla bla bla yeah i understand la.

Not the Frangipanty


Thursday was WILD! at the Loft @ Zouk.
WILDDDD. Beware the Ramlan chick.
Azza, Didi Crazy Ramlan, KinkyPugKevin

My Mei Ling
NurMeiLing and moi

LaughingLoga at WILD!

LaughingLoga! I found the post which sparked his cartoon name Winky

Friday night i went to Aliyaa restaurant and bar (next to Jarrod & Rawlins on Jalan Dungun) for DreamerCyn’s birthday.

Cynthia Pavee.
AhPek (i’m sure he has a proper name…) and DreamerCyn

The bride-to-be, the fairy & the matron of honour.
BubblesAmanda, me, Geraldine

There have been countless occasions in which i have forgotten Geraldine’s name… i’m so sorry, i is suck >.<

BubblesAmanda’s getting married soon and guess what her wedding theme is…

FAIRIES!!! Laughing

*hears groans from people all around*

Now, now, *wags finger* just because someone else appreciates the glory and allure of fairies, to the point it’s their wedding theme haha!, doesn’t mean you have to make some noise.

She told me that some sponsors have stepped in for her wedding – including Annie Wong Couture, Guinness Anchor Berhad, A Cut Above and Montecom Bhd. – for which in return, she’d have their logos on her wedding invitations and stage backdrop.
I told her that i’d list them out during her wedding as well, as friend and wedding favour. Laughing

It seems to me that this trend of getting sponsors for your wedding seems to be taking off of late. I’m not against it or anything, oh, except for maybe this email i got that KennySia blogged about as well. But i think it only works if you know someone from the company or have someone hook you up nicely. There was another person who’s getting married whom i’m not close to. They asked me to help them get sponsors for their wedding -_- I get that you’re trying to save money, but i just think you’re going about it the wrong way. Ask and you shall receive, true, but have some surefire jalan la. Another one is when these people get sponsors (i didn’t bother finding out how many they’ve got), they go great lengths trying to get media to attend their wedding. ARGH. A wedding is supposed to be a celebrated union of love! Not some event where you have to layan media! Unless you’re a semi-socialite or semi-brity that the media themselves have interest in covering, i can’t bear the thought of people having the gall to publicize their wedding when fuck, weddings happen every day okay. Yours is to happen once in a lifetime and by doing so, it seems to me you’ve degraded the sanctity of the event.

Ok. Habis emo :p Moving along…

In honour of Cynthia Pavee ;)
Henry, Halina, AhPek (man, what IS his real name?), DreamerCyn, me.

At first i was feeling woozy from accidentally mixing my antibiotics with alcohol (i forgot about it -_-) but my energy picked up after an hour.


It was like old me again! Talking and dancing. Till i promptly left to drive home before i got too drunk.


Saturday was the first day Werner’s bar was to be open to public.
It’s just down the road from Twentyone on Changkat Bukit Bintang.

Little gossinfo:
Werner’s is owned by, well, Werner, who also owns El Cerdo just across the road.
It’s also designed by d plus m creative who did Twentyone.


It’s not actually finished yet, so… maybe you shouldn’t go till they’re done as to fully experience the place.



Upstairs. I love the lights!


‘Twas Gary’s birthday. Fellow drunk already.
Didi (Jimibot‘s mummy Winky), Siti, Maruki(? shite i forgot her name), Gary, fairy, Olivia.

This is Werner.
He literally stuffed my face with ham in El Cerdo‘s the other day.


This is… Klaus… i think… (man, i seriously need memory seminars or something)
He helped Werner out with the alcohol at the bar.

I dragged KinkyPugKevin out with me that night, despite him not being sure whether he felt like going out or not.
After i managed to yank myself away from the pc and election results, i finally picked him up at 12:30 am.
Damn late.


We had more of a chilled-out night, checking PietroFelix spinning in Frangi, saying hi to his fiancee Joanne, saying hi to MadcapperSa and TomHayton.
Then ran to Werner.
And ended up in Twentyone.
As always. >.<

21 peeps
Richie, me, DanDan

A little birdie told me Richie was suffering from a cough a few weeks back, and that he claimed, never in his life had he coughed till he threw up.
My, my, doesn’t that sound familiar.

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  1. […] Bridal Showers wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerpt…in covering, i can’t bear the thought of people having the gall to publicize their wedding when fuck, weddings happen every day okay. […]

  2. Bubbles says:

    Hello my Chief Fairy Adviser! The wedding planning is coming along just great. Till I see u next to get advise and consultations on fairies, get updates on the wedding plans here: http://www.bubblescherryphoenix.blogspot.com

  3. Cyn says:

    Hooray for Fairy weddings… now must look for a fairy dress so Joyce can help me with that too 🙂

    Ah Pek’s name is Yen Loong btw heh heh

  4. roz says:

    Hey JOyce. I am Rosemary, one of your avid reader who loves reading your blog.
    I admire your yellow dress it is an absolute l.o.v.e. and the very yellow pointy heels is a great investment too~~ where did you get the dress and the heels from if you don’t mind me asking.
    Have a great week ahead and hope the cough is getting better.
    God Bless : )

  5. ajis says:

    sponsored wedding? no laaaaa. sound sedih.

  6. Bubbles says:

    When your close family friends and clients want to sponsor the dresses, the hair styles, alcohol and more because they want to help and be more a part of your wedding than just a guest who attends, eats and leaves, would it be right to say not to them? Especially when a nice wedding these days can go up to RM100,000? Hehehe. I’m just thankful that I have so many people who want to share my joy and help in all ways possible whether in the form of their products, services or their time.

  7. Sweettooth says:

    Werner is my ex-boss. his ex-wife is just as spunky and bubbly like u, even used to sport a short and chic hairstyle like u too 😉

  8. supamamia says:

    Wah your picture with werner is so mrs. wong!!!

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