Wait yar.

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I uploaded pics to blog about the weekend, but i got distracted clicking on Malaysian Dreamgirl.
I’m just watching the second episode and i died laughing watching this part when they were asking a contestant what’s her favourite food.

Girl: Susi (i was like, huh? what? susu? susi? is this some… restaurant i don’t know…)
Judges: *all* What..?
Girl: Susi…
Judge Kenny: Susi?
Girl: Yes.
Judges: Sushi? Japanese sushi?
Girl: Yes.

Elaine put her head on the table laughing.

Okay i want to watch Alison and Ringo in action. Will blog later.

Here. Entertain yourself with a picture of Mr. Dragonfly #493 in my garden!


“Oh, tish tosh, human.”

Fairy Transport.

We had a nice chat. Then i had to run out for event. He called me a snob. I said, hey look, you’re the one in my garden. Then he launched into a tirade on how land is every living thing’s property. I was all, whoa, you don’t understand how people deal with stuff here. He said we’re not done with our conversation yet, but it’s been raining so i haven’t seen him since then.


Okay i finished watching Malaysian Dreamgirl till Episode 4.
Can’t believe i spent my time watching it -_-

I think Alison and Jay are the better spoken ones amongst the 12.
And they’re both hot, so i was thinking, “Man… these indians really have it la. Hot, got booty, and indians are always funnier.”
Prollie won’t comment too much on Alison cos i’m bias and i think she’s hilarious and smart anyway.

CheesieRingo… can see some of the girls aren’t happy she’s back in the show cos she’s a blogger.
The way i see it, the show’s aired online. So obviously the tv station wanted to get her back in for additional coverage of it, kan?
Marketing wut.
But i must admit i don’t fancy her on tv… she’s a genuine sweetheart and pretty but her tv presence has to be improved tremendously la.

I like Jean. She doesn’t speak with a (fake) accent whatsoever and there were some things she said which made me warm to her.

Valerie’s pretty cool too. Def more spunk then most of them.

There’s one girl who said she’d be perfect modeling for Victoria’s Secret, or something like that.
I was like, are you fucking kidding me?
At least say la something more down to earth like Coke or Canon or something.
Can die wei hear some of these answers.

Then there was another one was super whiny and crying.

The others i don’t remember cos nothing much.

Friends aside, my favourite contestant is:

Hanis, Malaysian Dreamgirl

Hanis Winky

She’s the youngest of the lot at 18, but i feel the way she presents herself isn’t pretentious. Yeah, some are complaining she’s manja and shit, but i think she’s damn adorable la.

Go Hanis!

Walau, who would’ve thought i’d get into this Malaysian Dreamgirl thing?


6 Responses to Wait yar.

  1. Freddy Wong says:

    My fave is Ringo as I feel intimidated by the taller girls.

  2. Ally Fan says:

    First elimination gonna be on Thursday’s epi I think..Wonder who will be 1st to go..hope it’s not Alison…send DREAM 02 to 33001 to keep Alison around

  3. Simon Seow says:

    Wah, Kinky Blue Fairy also follow on Malaysian Dreamgirl. I think Jean got eliminated. Send DREAM 11 to 33001 vote for Ringo.

  4. Jovial says:

    ive got bad news.
    jean has left msian dream girls because she chose her pharmacy line instead.
    i was shocked knowing it but i guess thats pretty much her decision.

  5. Jovial says:

    no she didnt. she left. she quitted. its wrriten on her facebook.

  6. chzehong says:

    i hope ringo gets eliminated.

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