The Past 12 Hours.

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I’m still adjusting to pulling off the whole work during day and events at night thing
and i think i’m getting older or something 0_0
cos i’m getting tired so easily.



Last night was Mods vs Rockers at Republic, Sunway Pyramid
a joint event between KLue, Puma, Redbull, Tiger and 8TV

I rarely go to Sunway Pyramid… or Sunway for that matter
Think i go there on an average of twice a year >.<

puma mod vs rockers

It was damn crowded… much to my surprise Shocked
They had a fashion show for the new Puma motorsport spring 08 collection.

puma mod vs rockers

puma mod vs rockers
QueenKanch, me, NurMeiLing, RinaThePowerpuff

BubblyBel and Rina were decked in Puma apparel and gear.
I should’ve taken a pic of Bel’s golf boots, they were uber cool.

puma mod vs rockers
QueenKanch, NurMeiLing, Nathan modeled for the Puma show and for Stylo’s BI the night before as well

puma mod vs rockers

puma mod vs rockers
and SarChan

I is liking SarChan’s plastic blue shoes + red bag.

puma mod vs rockers
Navin + RezaSexyGrin

That’s not such a sexy grin in the shot, but i have others i promise.
Reza has all these fans around and i was thinking of putting up a fan club, selling Reza Salleh t-shirts and cashing out on his fame.
What say you, Reza?

Come, i pimp you more!
*Reza Salleh on Channel V’s Amp TV*
*Reza Salleh Smoke City video*
*Reza Salleh MySpace*
*Stalk Reza Salleh on his blog*

puma mod vs rockers
Navin + Paolo

puma mod vs rockers

puma mod vs rockers

Adrian. Very the superstar.
Will never allow pictures of himself unless fed copious amounts of alcohol which is a rare sight.
Don’t worry Adrian… we’ll just wait… and the time will come…

tag @ loft, zouk

Mooky performed with his band there and it was his birthday!

tag @ loft, zouk

AshleyTheMonkey + JollyMooky

tag @ loft, zouk

Ash wearing her new top from Supre (our stuff we ordered arrived!) + my brother NickIsTaller wearing this shirt i got him from bkk

tag @ loft, zouk
me, AshleyTheMonkey, AdamPoserPan, Adam’s girlfriend Olivia

tag @ loft, zouk

Zedeck + Nathan
I feel like their mamasan -_-

tag @ loft, zouk

Ricco does amazing things with hair.
I used to go to him, till he bailed the country and left a flock of people hairstylist-less and in despair.
Traumatized, i tried hairstylist after hairstylist till i found Milcah and so…
Sorry i can’t leave her!

tag @ loft, zouk

Ming + Jacinta (her hair wins Cool Trophy, for sure)

tag @ loft, zouk

GoofyGobi + Jessie

tag @ loft, zouk


It was really nice, seeing a whole bunch of super old friends in one place.
Felt like my birthday!
Oh wait, it’s Mooky’s birthday heh.

tag @ loft, zouk

JollyMooky was getting drunk (his birthday wut) and started hugging Ash and i telling us how much he loves us.

“You know, i wouldn’t be where i am now, if it weren’t for you, i’m serious! Everything that i am now, is because of you babe. I love you sooo much!” *hugs me hard*
“Er ha ha you drunk already ar?”

Ash to me: The fellow damn emo right Whatevah Laughing

Then he took out a picture from his wallet to show us – it was a pic of Ash and i
We were like, “Awww…”

tag @ loft, zouk
NickIsTaller, Fairy, AdamPoserPan, Olivia, AshleyTheMonkey, 1/2 of FaiTheMai

tag @ loft, zouk

I miss Mui, haven’t been hanging with that group for some time.

After i saw the picture above, i was thinking how ‘chan’ i look.
Like seriously chan, man.

I’m a very lazy person when it comes to my taking care of my complexion, and it boils down to being downright lucky that i have skin like this considering the superout timing i have for sleep and amount of partying i do.
My every day regime is wash with shu uemura oil cleanser (removes make up as well) and moisturize.
Sometimes i put eye cream. Sometimes.

I impulsively bought this kononnya super cun exfoliate when i went for some Harper Bazaar’s Beauty Awards or something like that last year.

Until now i’ve never even bothered to use it 0_o


So i thought, okay la, put some effort into exfoliating and went into vanity mode.

cโ€™mon, save itโ€ฆ

After that i smoothed on this Biotherm one i bought quite some time back as well.


Hmm i haven’t seen a HUGE difference from the Aesop one yet.
Think i have to religiously use it more.

But the Biotherm one is awesome.
I always get comments that my skin is smooth, but it made it even MORE smooth.
Can’t stop hugging myself.

8 Responses to The Past 12 Hours.

  1. Rachy says:

    your blog here serves as my resting place when im really stressed up and when i need something else to read other than my work. yes, call me a dork. ๐Ÿ˜‰ i enjoy the everyday adventure of KBF that is.

  2. Shar says:

    That tea tree exfoliant DOES work! I love it. Use it on my body too sometimes. Best part, it lasts for AGESSSSSS

  3. nis says:

    the aesop exfoliator works great with QV cleanser…or oilatum. beats paying through ur nose for their cleansers!

  4. supamamia says:

    Adam’s new gf sure looks hot! you in leather..(?) but not adam! aha! the bag gotta go… jacinta is a real rock chic ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Shazlin says:

    blog-hopping! ๐Ÿ™‚ oooh! the aesop exfoliant works wonders, I use it once a week with the aesop fabulous cleanser. life-saver, that one.

    prices of aesop products have increased *wails*

  6. Ophelia says:

    hi Joyce,
    why not take some supplements to give ur body a boost since you are always a street-jetter..:)

  7. JoyceTheFairy says:

    rachy: aw that’s sweet >.< ๐Ÿ™‚ shar: it ter-spilt cos i forgot to roll the air about inside before opening it -_- nis: ha ha thanks for the tip ๐Ÿ˜‰ shazlin: ok ok i try more ha ha ophelia: good point...

  8. reza says:

    aww so nice.

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