The Effin C Overtook Me.

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I know i haven’t been blogging much, sorry.
My cough really took it’s toll (raging one it was!) on me this week.

Have you ever had a cough so bad, it made you go into a coughing fit till you threw up?

I can now raise my hand and say i have, though it’s nothing to be proud of -_-

It’s bad enough in the office, that when i cough, some silently plot to kill me if i pass it to them (read: Didi Ramlan).
But it’s worse at night when i’m lying down trying to sleep.
I feel as if my throat is closing in and i can’t breathe.
Then it tickles, and it irritates, and i cough and i cough, extracting as much air as i can as to expel the phlegm that never comes out.
With all that force, the only thing that goes flying out is (was) my nice wine and dinner.
Twice in a week.

I end up falling asleep out of pure sleepiness around sunrise.
And die getting up for work.

So yeah.
I’m relieved weekend is here so i can catch up on sleep!

First week of work has been alright (i can only write nice things cos i’m very sure they’ll read this).
Wait, rephrase. Work has been GREAT!



Actually, i told someone that i can’t write for them anymore cos i’m attached full-time.
“Oh, i always wanted to work for them…” she said.

As i was surfing online while waiting for the Friday traffic to clear, i bumped through BryanBoy and found blog drama insanity (I KID YOU NOT) going on in Manila.

It’s a total soap opera drama, or reality tv.
Only this is reality blogging.

It’s SO ENTERTAINING (i’m usually not by these things) prollie cos of the way he writes and you can *feel* the passion, and anger, and OH! You just gotta read it yourself.
From first post to last. I insist.

*Delfin DJ Montano*

Reading it reminded me of Ian Seow, oh-so-angelic (-_-) ex-editor of mine who cheated the company with lies and deceit till they almost went bankrupt.
And half the team got let go.
Argh, don’t think about it, don’t think about it, everytime i think about it, i get all pissed.


Time to go out and drink to DreamerCyn in celebration of her birthday.
And perhaps be a fag hag in Frangi tonight with the boys.
It’s that or Raw. Haven’t decided yet.
Hmm… *runs off to change*

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  1. Ali says:

    hey you dont know me nor i know you but let me just introduce myself, name’s Ali.

    the reason i’m commenting is because i have some questions on which you can help me with.. i was recently approached by someone who works for a local review website to become a freelancer and maybe more.. they seem to be legit and the people i’ve meet so far have been nothing but nice..

    however i caught wind that the guy who started this site is your so mentioned ex-editor Ian Seow and the news of him is worrying. i’m wondering if u can clarify the truth of things to me and whether i should just stay away..

    sorry again if i’m bringing up a past on which you would like to avoid but i’d figure you are more than willing to help.


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