Nappy Crinkle?

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Weirdest thing i heard this morning.
First Priya and RezaSexyGrin were talking about whether they would be good taking care of toddlers.
Then they moved on to whether they would rather a male or female friend to take care of their future kids.
Suddenly Priya goes, “I like the sound of nappies.”

Referring to the crinkle it makes when the baby crawls.

“That…’s kinda weird…” said Reza.
I got up to go back to my desk,Β  “Okay, too much baby talk in the morning 0_o This mod rocker’s going back to work!”

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  1. Jimibot says:

    Hello blue fairy! From my personal experience it is always better to go bare-assed. Nappies are very uncomfortable. I like it best when mummy lets me run around bare-assed and i love to chi chi on the floor on purpose so mummy can have something to occupy her.

    Say hi to daddy for me at the Stylo!

  2. JoyceTheFairy says:

    ha ha riot la you. don’t stop blogging jimibot!

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