You’re Never Too Old To Be A Toys R’ Us Kid.

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Yeah i said i was going to blog after scoffing my nasi padang (wow the nasi was damn wangi and sedap man! puas gila) but i got carried away and passed out… :p oops.

Anyway this was two days ago when we didn’t leave the villa AT ALL.
Spent the entire day running around like mad party people.

Mr. Darling Elephant

I put Mr. Elephant out in the sun to dry (and pacify) him after leaving him out in the rain >.<

Swirly spinner!

Running around like silly with the spinner.
Stupid thing wasย  we initially held the stick and spun the end in circles and it didn’t seem right.
We kept on doing that for ages. Till RowdyRudy noticed the picture of a girl *running* with it trailing behind her on the package.
So much for ages 6 and up.
23 and up also fail mouse.

Spinner resting with balls.

Fairy resting with spinner.

Suction Ball Hoorah!

Cool suction ball you throw and catch with frisbee-like plate.

Psychedelic Bouncy Balls!

We also bought three psychedelic bouncy balls that loved floating in the pool too!
Wish we bought like, fifteen or something to bob around the entire pool.

Rudy The Clown

RowdyRudy can juggle!
He showed off to BoltwomanLiza and she called him a clown.

Super Bunny Fairy


We be circus act.

We put the camera on timer and ran across the pool to shoot our circus act – RowdyRudy juggling while i trail away the spinner (okay that doesn’t take as much skill as juggling :p)

My glorious view.

My view while i’m lying down.

RM30 straw hat from Bangkok


Fan Yang rocks!!!

I think the most smashing toy we bought was the giant Fan Yang bubble blower!
Fan Yang is our new hero and RowdyRudy aspires to be the next Bubble Master.


Omg we couldn’t stop playing with the bubbles!

Tinsel Tree

I hung tinsel from one of the trees Cool

Just. Look. At. That. Bubble.

Look at the pretty colours. Say it with me, oohhhhhh….

Fly, bubble! Fly!

*Fly Bubble!*

The Bubble Master

I had a go and Rudy said my face here is priceless, “Sky Garden mojitos, 100,ooo. Mushrooms, 70,000. Joyce looking at bubble on mojitos and mushrooms, priceless.” ย 

My priceless face.

Boo! I adore this picture! Me grinning through bubble!


I feel like that fish in Finding Nemo – BubblebubbleBubbleBubble!!

The Bubble Master does better!

Mr. Elephant has a go too.

Mr. Elephant took to the bubbles too Winky

Hindi movie action going on.

SmallSerena and BoltwomanLiza came over at night to chill.
Their jaws dropped when they stepped through the villa door heh.

Boltwoman + Bubble



Okay time to jump into the pool!

18 Responses to You’re Never Too Old To Be A Toys R’ Us Kid.

  1. Leonard says:

    Great pictures as always.

  2. kennysia says:

    Oh no! Blue elephant has taken the place of Joyce’s little pony!

  3. rach says:

    hi fairy, i’m jz wondering do u bring all the toy r’us toys with u whenever u go for vacation? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. angie says:

    i saw a girl with hair like u.. at kl sentral departure hall… but jz saw her back ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. JoyceTheFairy says:

    leonard: thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

    kenny: no! i brought four ponies and five psychedelic rabbits too! oh. and a small zebra. just kinda neglected them for the past two days… but they’re out in the sun by the pool now!

    rach: most of the time… ๐Ÿ˜€

    angie: maybe it was nicol david, i heard she has the same hairstyle ha ha

  6. Ben says:

    if i had a swimming pool in my home, next to it would be a giant trampoline… and maybe a lifeguard watch platform for me to jump leap off to maximize the bounce. oh… toys…. ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Fei says:

    woaaahh..nice touch to a holidaaaayyyy~~~ TOYS!!!!
    happy cny!!!!~~

  8. esther says:

    How do I say this in the most non lesbian way possible. You have great boobs! Haha ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. lynn.wabbit says:

    i wanna see รฉm psychedelic wabbits!

  10. alvinb says:

    where you get that cute elephant?…

    freaking cool place to be holiday-ing.

  11. ozzie says:

    gosh, i would stay in as well if i had a place like that to live in. its so nice, and you guys made it into your personal funfair hahaha.

  12. huiting says:

    HEE!! the picture underneath Nemo which Rudy was playing with the bubbles look kinda like a Silicon bra!! ๐Ÿ˜›

  13. Liza says:

    Wow, cool Blog and love the pix!! Actually when Rudy was trying to impress me with his juggling( maybe cause he thought Juggling was Sexy) i didn’t call him a Clown. I called him a Loser! muahahaah. Gosh, i soooooo miss Bali right now and the crazy nights we had living it out like Rockstars!

  14. Charl says:

    Super blog! Looks like u had fun with all those toys =)

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  17. aida says:

    hey, where did you purchase the giant Fan Yang bubble blower?

  18. JoyceTheFairy says:

    toys r us!

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