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I've started sneezing incessantly since Friday night (someone counted me sneezing eight times in a row) and my sinusitis hit me full on yesterday, disabling my ears to pop properly on the flight.

"Have you checked out where we're going to stay yet?" asked MilcaG
"No... i have some work to do first... and i'm falling sick..." i croaked back over the phone.
"What?! No! You can't fall sick!!!"
"I'm not, i'm not! I'm taking medicine okay!"

Her kancheong-ness made me kancheong.
But falling sick in Vietnam would be awfully shitty so i self-medicated with Neurofen and Clarinase just now, and am going through some of my laundry before repacking.

On the 2nd Day of Chinese New Year
, my family hosted dinner and Mr. Elephant was pretty darn lucky at his virgin gambling stint.

I put him on my chips and we kept on getting 21 or running with the banker.

Mr. Elephant Gambles

After a while, perturbed cousins started yelling, "EH. Can we please get the elephant off the table?! He's stealing all our luck!"
Half an hour later, even Daddy spoke up, "I think it's about time we get this elephant off the table -_-"

(SmallsMinkyMin blogged about it *here*)

I don't know whether it was their noisy screeching or the other animals intruding on toy gambling territory, but i started losing after that -_- hence i decided it was time for Mr. E to be put to bed.

When it came to my turn (Elephant-less this time, and we were playing in-between)

"Joyce, hurry up! Want or not!?"

"Wait... *i closed my eyes and clutched at my cards*... i'm trying to feel what my soul is trying to tell me..."
Everyone: Whatevah Whatevah Whatevah Whatevah Whatevah Whatevah Whatevah
Daddy to me: You want to go upstairs and chant some fairy mantra?
Me: Wait la!!! Whatevah

QueenKanch came to join us for a while.
She was losing at first and was smsing on her phone when SmallsMinkyMin asked from across the table, "Are you calling your gangster friends now?"

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  1. Mellissa says:

    If you want a handy, fast cure for sinusitis, go with Zyrtec-D! My ENT recommended them after Clarinase stopped working for me, and I swear by these pills I tell you. My sinus clears up within half an hour.

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