It Has Got To Be Illegal.

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We went to a new place that’s launching next month, called Anantara.
And it was so fucking beautiful to the point it was surreal.

Spreading both your arms on either side of you. On a magenta sofa that spreads your entire body span and beyond.
And the sky is spread across. Stars sprinkled. Clouds forming shapes you can’t stop staring at.

You’re on the top floor of a brilliant hotel, a lit bar with such a crazy view – they light they the waves from all the way to the left to all the way to the right so you can see them.
Powerful lights that push and magnify the clouds with varied patterns and colours.
An infinity pool spread in front of you, with LED lights that change colour.
The best fries in the universe, sweet and we couldn’t fathom how they managed to get them like that.
Delectable cocktails constantly sent to us from the bar, concocted by mixologist Lomas (previously from KL Hilton).

It’s one of those moments that it’s authentic when one says ‘there are no words to describe it’ (or probably i cannot do it in my state).

We sat there. And i felt weird. Like something’s off.
I pushed the feeling away. And drowned in it all.

RowdyRudy spoke up, “This is too great. I’m so happy right now. It’s illegal. I swear.”

And i got what he meant.

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