Hanoi – Saigon. Missed it. Almost..!

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Being the champion that i am, i almost missed my flight to Saigon cos Milcah checked us out of the hotel and it didn’t occur to me to retrieve my passport (i.e. i forgot -_- and so did they, to return it) till she spurted some passport story while we were shooting down champagne in the taxi.

I stoned, then went, “Shit! My passport!!!”

So i got them to send it over to the airport and tipped the guy even tho he refused it at first for forgetting it in the first place.

Both person’s fault, mostly mine, i figure!

I was just so thankful we didn’t miss our flight out of NothingToDo Land.

When we landed in Ho Chi Minh, MilcahG asked the stewardess, “Are you from Hanoi?”

She shook her head and said, no, Ho Chi Minh.

“Good.” Milcah replied stoutly, “Cos Hanoi sucks. -_-

Everyone else around laughed along politely/nervously.

Me: 0_o”” Urm, yeah, she didn’t have much fun there.

Tommy and Edward picked us up from the arrivals and put us on the third floor bedroom (Milcah:”Shit. So many steps!”) of their agency here. It’s a pretty sexy five-storey building they did up with reception and pond downstairs.

We wanted to get a quick nightcap before bed, so we prepared to go out to a bar.

MilcahG asked Edward whether he was going to chicken out. He said he didn’t understand Malaysian slang. Milcah said it’s not Malaysian slang! Edward said he’s Russian and joked, “I really don’t know… chicken out? Is it like pork in?” I giggled cos i got what he meant whereas Milcah went -_- and asked him not to be stupid.

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  1. Erisha says:

    Very very lucky there you did not missed your flight.

  2. JoyceTheFairy says:

    yeah man!

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