Because I Shouldn’t Say No.

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It’s so easy to get caught up in the recent phase of my party/travel/holiday lifestyle that i felt i really should take up this freelance job.
The GM of this company i met when i was still in media, got a hold of me to do some freelance PR and marketing consultancy for them.

At first i wasn’t very willing to fly up for work but then i slapped myself twice because
1. i am free this month (just have to make time for it in between my travels)
2. i should not be lazy -_-
3. ka-ching

Due to freelancing in other forms of work and having being cheated before, at least i now know how to write a contract out in B&W before doing anything.

I need a lawyer, man. Oh, not for this but to help me tackle another issue -_-

So i threw clothes into my suitcase, dragged my tired ass to the airport after celebrating AshleyTheMonkey and FoxyLisa’s birthdays the night before (killed two birds with one stone at TAG) and landed fine and dandy.

The limo driver picked me up from the airport and was on the walkie-talkie with the hotel people who sounded frantic on the very second i was arriving.
“Why is everyone so excited -_-” he said to me.
“Ha ha. I have no idea.”

Three managers greeted me on the front steps before ushering me to the lounge for coffee and easygoing chitter chat.
Then they escorted me to a suite on the top floor.

So for 30 minutes, i felt like a rockstar. Minus the bodyguard.
And musical talent.
And drugs.
And entourage.

-_- Okay, not so rockstar after all.

Mr. Elephant loves theย suite (btw i was so free and bored on first day CNY i started him a Facebook account since someone mentioned he’s traveling more then other people. Someone called me crazy. I’m used to it already) and accompanies me while i do some work at night.

I did feel a tad homesickย (only one day okay. I is so fail) and wonder how the hell YC goes overseas to work alone.
It’s absolutely different from going on holiday with friends.
And even though i have friends here, i don’t have time to meet up with them.

So it’s me and Mr. Elephant.

Okay enough crapping back to work.

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