Their Fingers Are Motherfucking Strong.

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I just finished a two-hour steam, body scrub and oil massage.
For 600 Baht/RM60.

The woman gave me this look -_- when i asked whether i had to remove everything. As in EVERYTHING. I’m used to at least leaving my thong on…

“Do i have to take this off too..?” i gestured at my panties.
“Yes, yes. You do body scrub,” she blared me with in staccato Thai accent while giving me the look >Β  -_-
I hurriedly took it off.

I cringed and tried not to yelp while she did the body scrub cos she did it too hard!
Couldn’t help thinking, “WHY am i doing this body scrub when i have my cemerlang Biotherm mud exfoliate shit at home…”
Then came my other thought, for the experience, for the experience

Okay i have to go la.
IceCalvin’s waiting outside cos we’re staying at these cottages next to the paddy fields which are further from town (further means 3km away and i’m NOT walking back!)

This is where we stayed last night, by the Pai river.

Pai, Thailand

This is me on the bike today while totally enjoying whizzing about Pai on it!
Beautiful weather!

Grinning in wind

8 Responses to Their Fingers Are Motherfucking Strong.

  1. Jay says:

    You are a damn good blogger.

    I am amazed at the consistent quality of your writing. I appreciate the fact that you are more than another pretty girl with a blog and that you avoid many of the posts typical of those types of blogs. The contrast between your blog and many of the others in the same demographic is night and day. Keep up the good work.


  2. lisha says:

    *sigh* damn envy. are u backpacking around or did u actually plan the whole trip?

  3. mang0 says:

    2-hour spa for only RM60, I want to go to Thailand too!!

  4. Irene says:

    This vacation has certainly rejuvenated you huh. You look so blissfully happy fairy! Shopping… massages, great healthy food, oh how I so envy you… hehehe!

  5. steve says:

    Seems that you are enjoying much in Chiang Mai! he, where is Pai exactly.

  6. pretaporter says:

    izzat a mosquito bite or a huge zit below your lower lip?
    you look like a boy in the pix hehe
    cool huts… with attached bathroom?

  7. Lainie says:

    you paid 60 bucks to have a naked body experience with motherfucking strong fingers?

    snigger. sorry, someone had to put the childish spin to it sooner or later. πŸ˜›

  8. lisa says:

    hey hope you can post more bout chiang mai coz im gonna go there end of the month…any tips?? πŸ™‚

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