Pai In The Sky

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That’s the name of one of the guesthouses here in Pai, further north in Chiang Mai.

We rode a bike here today and it was my first long-distance (urm is three hours considered long distance?) motorbike ride.

The first twenty minutes took quite a bit getting used to cos my helmet felt like it was going to blow off, the backpack was senget on my back (i wasn’t driving so i had to carry that) and i had all these bloody traumatising images of motorcycle accidents DikHaHaHau sent me before. Bugger. That so did not help my paranoid pessimism.

Pai is super cold!
Sitting here shivering cos i figured i was superwoman and didn’t expect the temperature to suddenly drop to 8 degrees after 10pm!

And i’m too lazy to walk back to the glamour hut (it’s damn nice!) to get my jacket so i’m just online for 30 mins then hurrying back to eat supper i bought + iced vodka (wee!).

There are so many tourists here, yet it’s quite empty, so it’s a weird feeling.
“Like you don’t know where you are right? It’s cold, yet you see so many different people,” said IceCalvin.

I asked how did Pai get so popular as a tourist destination all of a sudden.
He said after some fellow featured it on Lonely Planet, plus word of mouth around backpackers, the place tiba-tiba boomed to destination stardom.

Ok, fingers shivering. BYE!

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  1. what can you find in Pai exactly? is it like some sort of high lands? anyways, take care, was icecalvin driving? also, you guys look alike. are you siblings? (sorry dun reli know) ok take care!

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