“I Went To Feed The Fish!”

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I kept on telling everyone that the week before Christmas.
Because we didn’t have much work to do, DatinTini and i ran out of the office and IceCalvin joined us cos he wasn’t doing any shoots that day.

So there we were hang-kai-ing (i just learnt the word hang kai ha ha!) around Pavilion and in order to kill time to avoid the jam, i dragged them to go try the Kenko Reflexology Fish Spa, just next to GSC.

I met the owner on the night of the La Bodega launch and promised i’d try it some day.
Basically you get to put your legs into water whereby these tiny fish eat your dead skin thus exfoliating them.

Weird right? I’m all for trying something new!

As you walk into the spa centre, a huge tank faces you and you get to see how it looks like…



Before you put your legs in, they make you wash your feet first.


Then you slip on these generic turquoise slippers everyone wears, keeping your shoes on one of the shelves provided. No locks.
Me: “What if… someone steals my shoes..!?” Shocked *thinks of 300+ shoes*
Calvin: “Urm… hide them la.”

I must say… the room where everyone removes and keeps their shoes… stinks of feet a bit.
Not downright unbearable, but a lingering stench nonetheless.
They really should put stronger air freshener or something.


Then we went to dunk our legs into the tank!
It was super ticklish at first and us three couldn’t stop laughing and squealing.




RM39 nett for 30 minutes. I think.
We paid 39 bucks… but we sat there for 45 minutes cos nooone shoo-ed us, so i’m not sure of the time limit :p

Went to The C Club again to have some snacks and beer after that.
I wanted to try the Belon but they were sold out that day.

C Club

C Club

The bathroom is bloody nice man. But it’s off limits to claustrophobes, i swear.
Everything’s black and mirrored inside, i stopped dead in my tracks and walked slowly to feel my way around.

C Club

Imagine if you’re high and get pushed in there. Confirm cannot find your way out.

Then i went to visit the chairs i like so much.
I realised the extent of my admiration for the chair when AshleyTheMonkey started staring at me strangely. Cos i was stroking it gently.
I didn’t really care tho and started hugging it too. Shy

C Club

14 Responses to “I Went To Feed The Fish!”

  1. Erisha says:

    Ohhh… I’ve always had tt nagging feeling 2 try out the fish spa thing. Does it hurt any bit?

  2. Karen says:

    So, was the foot reflexology and fish spa worth the money? I wanted to go for it last week but when I got there, the place was crazy full >.<

    Trying to think whether to actually waste time travelling from Damansara all the way to town just for that …

  3. Fei says:

    ooooooohhhhh …. the tank facing the entrance??? hahaha good! I can kena my friend, (who likes to kena me, so its only fair, lol )i ask them all to wear miniskirts next time!!! hahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  4. RM says:

    Hmmm, i think i saw something like that fish thingy in ugly betty once…one of the later episodes. Oh and the chair, is it transparent? hehehe.. looks cool..hugs!

  5. Cyn says:

    I tried it last week. Super ticklish at first and I couldn’t stop giggling or wriggling. Not much effect on the tootsies tho. Yours?

  6. Ben says:

    hahahaha, i tried that too. i laid spread out on the wooden floor with my legs in the water laughing hysterically at the ceiling whilst my friend had her legs dangling above the water and other people looking on. i also spent about 45 minutes instead of the 30 mins supposedly paid for, maybe the let us be there longer either because they didn’t want the place to look empty or they figured since we had our legs out of the water for so long they’d give us more time. but i think it was the former. or not…

  7. JoyceTheFairy says:

    erisha: no la, it doesn’t hurt, they say that the fishies have to be a particular size as not to bite too hard :p

    karen: wow drive all the way for fish spa? at least go makan and hang kai also la… ๐Ÿ™‚

    fei: teruk la you! -_-

    rm: man, i’m supposed to watch that series… it’s just sitting on my cupboard. yeah the chair is transparent ๐Ÿ˜€

    cyn: it felt smoother tho, the others said so too.

    ben: eh haven’t seen you for damn long wei… yeah! i have vids of my friends holding their feet out of the water cos they couldn’t tahan at first

  8. maesau says:

    I wonder what will happen if the fish do bite you…


    Btw, my mum doesn’t believe that fish feed on our dead skin, until I showed her your blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. LOVE X says:

    macam best..
    I want to feed the fish too..wallaww

  10. Sammy says:

    Hihi! I tried it out yesterday with a guy friend & he said that his legs feel less hairy than before o_O

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  12. jennysu says:

    Found this blog for fish spa locations in Malaysia. For locations adress and pictures of the outlets Vist http://fishomalaysia.blogspot.com

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