Blogging from Bangkok

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It's 1:18 am Thai time and i'm just blogging a tad before bed.
We're staying at a place in Khao San where the internet is fairly cheap at 60 Baht an hour.

I'm usually oblivious when it comes to people staring at me, but i really couldn't help noticing it incessantly in the airport when we touched down.

"Everyone's staring at us... what the hell..."
"Everyone's staring at you. It's your hair."
"Oh please. Like as if your hair is any more normal!" -_- *squints at IceCalvin's triangular mohawk and tail*

I smsed our safe arrival to someone in KL
Me: Everyone's been staring at Calvin and i... think cos we look like midget punks.
Reply: If that's how it is in Bangkok, at least you're not in Dubai!

IceCalvin took me to the river side where, between the both of us, scoffed a whole fish in herbal + chilli gravy, giant bowl of tom yam, garlic pork, mango salad with fresh prawns, fresh veg and two big coconuts (think KennySia -_-) at River Bar.
Cost: 600 Baht = RM60

Had Illy coffee, before scouting around for clothes to wear tomorrow (i only brought fairy pajamas, heaps of bikinis - read: holiday underwear, and two hoodies for chilly Chiang Mai nights), then a foot massage for RM12.

Gonna take a nice long shower, listen to my iPod and read now.

11 Responses to Blogging from Bangkok

  1. Fei says:

    have fun girl!

  2. Iinvestor says:

    I invest in adverlets is not for you featured bloggers
    to deceive and manipulate the readers and cause
    detriment to Josh and his associates.

  3. Lainie says:

    hahahhaa…woman i’m trying to imagine you in a punk gig, but i keep getting images of you getting squashed at the moshpit.

  4. JoyceTheFairy says:

    fei: thanks girl 🙂

    iinvestor: wth are you going on about -_-

    lainie: … you can protect me… eh you want shirt? i get you shirt okay… pussy cat or no pussy cat?

  5. Nicole says:

    sticky rice with mango and Pad Thai, at Soi 38. MUST TRY.

  6. k0k says:

    Why? Dubai got shortage of midget punks mae?

  7. Cyn says:

    Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping babe :). See you when you get back

  8. Nicole says:

    Sticky rice with mango & Pad Thai, at Soi 38. MUST TRY.

  9. Lainie says:

    LOL. i admit i own limited tshirts. i want….drawing! drawing!

  10. JoyceTheFairy says:

    you know, luckily i know what your cat shirt looks like else i’d be like ‘drawing drawing? what’s she talking about!?’

  11. Lainie says:

    actually, i meant i want you to draw me something 😛

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