Another 5 Minutes of ‘Just Looking’ = Even More Fail.

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New Year’s Day was spent in KL.

I merrily popped confetti in the bedroom. In truth, i would have loved to have fallen asleep nestled among shiny blue, red and green spirals of metallic paper before awakening in it as well, but they were hastily cleaned up.


I took my time getting ready to go out. Seeing it was New Year’s Day, i wanted it to be a chill out day. Looking good and feeling even better. I carefully ironed a white dress, slipped on white sandals and had my white-rimmed sunglasses perched atop my head.

Happy, sunny outfit! Too bad it looked like it was going to storm -_-

… But still! Happy sunny outfit! Laughing

Thinking back, i can’t help feeling slightly guilty that i don’t give much of a rat’s ass when it comes to wearing new clothes for Chinese New Year but i semangat dress up for New Year’s Day. >.<

Had burgers, Guinness and scotch ginger ale at Chilli’s before oh-rowdy-one and me trolled through KLCC.

Dahlah before that i bought a(nother) Flower Fairy sticker book and Dr. Seuss’ Oh, The Thinks You Can Think in Kinokuniya. I read it ages ago when i was a kid, and seeing the book again conjured up memories of encouragement for flighty imagination and all things whack.

They’ve moved the children’s fairy book section to the shelf behind Dr. Seuss and as i knelt on the floor forcing myself to put back some of the books so as not to purchase them, a little girl of about five stood right next to me. She stared curiously, looking me up and down. I, unable to have the ability to stare unabashedly as does that of a child, looked away and noticed her cartoon fish sneakers from the corner of my eye.

A few minutes later, i overheard FishSneakerKid telling her mother, “No, not this one. I want the fairy one.”

I beamed inwardly.

Looking to my right, i saw her mother sifting through the other books, “Where is it…”

After they couldn’t find what she was looking for, i spoke up to FishSneakerKid, “If you really want fairy books, there’s a whole shelf just behind this one…” I gestured to the front of me, while bobbing my head with big helpful eyes.

FishSneakerKid ignored me and her mum said, “I think she wants this particular one she had just now… then she hid it here or something!”

Man. I keep on getting dissed by kids of late okay.

RowdyRudy wanted to go to the Apple store to get this alarm clock to go with his iPod. It was sold out and i ended up walking out with a charger for mine -_-

Then i wanted to check out the LG Viewty cos my bloody Nokia 3250 has been hanging on me every time i send an sms and i have to return the Dopod (that always crashes on me -_-) once i quit end of Jan. Retailing at 2K, it looks great, touchscreen and all, but i was quite disappointed by its picture quality.

Might as well just stick to getting a better digicam and much smaller hp. I don’t know. I’ll keep hunting but i’m already tempted to buy the same Sony Ericsson as RowdyRudy, DatinTini and two others on my team have.

We went to see what’s up in Banana Republic. Rudy went right. I went left.

And we didn’t have contact for a good 15 minutes cos we were too engrossed checking out everything that was on sale.

Again, evil sale signs. 30%. 50%… Die.

I picked out two dresses to try (Danger, danger!) – a sleeveless blue silk babydoll with embroidery on the upper chest area, and another babydoll of soft grey wool with pleats down the front.

Not only were they a perfect fit, but the cutting was fantastic as well.

RowdyRudy came to give his opinion as i twirled in it, “Ooh… very nice. Very you! *touches silk* Ooh..!”

At first, i told myself i’d allow the purchase of one dress. Just one. Think about Bangkok, Joyce, think about Bangkok. And as i placed them at the cashier where Rudy was already paying for his purchases, i picked up a third dress to try on – a dark blue silk shift with butterfly sleeves and a silk ribbon to tie round the middle into a bow at the front.

Besides the fact that they were half price off each (Wow! What a steal, man!) i got suckered by their design, material and detail.

So… since i had to choose between three, i gave myself an allowance of two.It just made sense, see.


“I think we’re very bad for each other!” i told RowdyRudy, cos we’re always egging each other on to get ‘just one more shot’, buy another gadget, go for another holiday, or in this case, buy everything we liked cos it’s on sale.

Plus i just went to the ATM thinking that by withdrawing more money, i wouldn’t have to visit it for another three days, at least. Super tak jadi sial.


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  1. Sabrina says:

    was it a lil painful? I saw it in Ugly Betty..
    haha, didn’t know they have it here too..

  2. FeR says:

    ah! good..end of Jan.

    I’ve still got time to send it to you…

    oops. :shy:

    I’m a procrastinator…

    SE rocks socks! ๐Ÿ˜€ get it!

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