All it Takes is Six Seconds of Blurness.

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(i actually wrote this the day after the accident, before Thailand, and forgot to put it up)

Snatch theft is not a new thing in KL, or Malaysia for that matter.
You read about it in the papers, you hear how your friends’ bags got snatched, you see ads for bags with detachable straps.

A couple of years back, i remember MaryBerry and Debbie got scared shitless by guys on motorbikes with knives outside a friend’s house. And it wasn’t like they were simply lepaking outside the house. They just got out of the car and were waiting for their friend to open the gate.

Last month, QueenKanch got robbed in Bangsar just outside Nirwana. She wasn’t alone, a group of guy friends were standing just a few feet away from her when a car stopped next to her. A guy got out, asked for her bag and in shock, she gave it to him instead of putting up a fight (which was obviously better lest she got hurt!). This can’t even be called ‘snatch theft’ wei. It’s ‘take theft’ :p

As someone who spends so much time driving themselves around alone, i’ve received my appreciated share of advice and i *do* follow it as much as i can.

I lock the car doors the moment i get in.
Nowadays, i try not to put my handbag on the seat next to me (the Zouk ppl told me how some thieves have taken to smashing your passenger window and grabbing your bag while your car is stationary at a red light/jam, before zooming off).
I don’t walk in lanes alone and look around and behind me for motorcyclists.
I try to walk on pavements instead of the side of the road.

I wasn’t even alone the night someone tried to snatch my bag.
NickIsTaller and StephTheVolcano were with me.
It’s just that sometimes, yes, i slip.
I had that moment when i wasn’t careful to walk on the pavement instead of the road.
I had that moment where i walked without listening out for a motorbike.
I had that moment when i was careless cos i thought nothing would happen to me.
And in that bloody small window of Joyce-Being-Careless, someone was able to grab that opportunity.

I was walking two steps towards my car when in a whoosh and a knock, i found myself lying flat on the road.
It happened so quick that the first thing i thought was, “OW… Owwwww… man, that HURT. What was that!?”
When i realised i was on the road and that i stung in places i hadn’t yet discerned, my first thought was that i’d got knocked down by a car.
Till i looked up to see a motorbike speeding off in front of me.

“The fellow was trying to get your bag!” said NickIsTaller.
No shit.

“Oh my god! Are you okay!?” asked StephTheVolcano
“Yeah.” I was pretty much in shock and wanted to sit down.
Hobbling to the pavement, i lowered my stinging (cos that’s how it felt!) body to sit.
Admittedly, i cried for 15 seconds like a kitten (it was only less then half a minute, i swear) cos it was so painful as they inspected my injuries.

My left hand was so painful i couldn’t even close it properly and my right knee was bleeding.
But that was about it and it wasn’t a big deal.
Steph told me she kept on asking whether i wanted to get a bandage for it but all i could do was crow how the fucker didn’t get my bag.

Which was lucky.
Cos i was going to purchase a new phone (which i didn’t have time to in the end) so i had over a K in cash on me, two phones, my digicam, cards, all my keys, ARGH imagine the MAH FAN-NESS if i had lost all that!

I would have been crying for 15 hours instead of 15 seconds sial.

I’m really lucky cos i didn’t get hurt too badly.
And my Anya with all its contents didn’t get stolen.

Remember the Rule of Three?
How the bloody thief made me terbabas on the road like that… one day he’s going to get knocked down by some car with three times the injuries, i swear. Or worse, cos i’m sure he’s inflicted more pain on other women as well.

This is a good lesson.

To remind me to be more careful, and not to take my good luck for granted all the time.
And now i know what Mary and Kanch meant about being paranoid after a robbery. 0_o

I got reminded of this post i left in drafts when i read about Lainie’s recent accident.
And it’s not just us, there’s been a lot of shit happening recently, what with the female/child kidnappings and all.
Just last week i was introduced to a girl who asked what was wrong with my knee and i told her.
She retorted with, “Oh, someone snatched my bag in SS2 two weeks ago!”


Also, please read about the recent bus crash that occurred on Friday.

Excerpt from the Star Online:

Nian Ning, 21, a Public Service Department (PSD) scholar at the University of New South Wales in Australia who was on her way to visit friends in Kuala Lumpur, was among three passengers who perished when the driver lost control of the bus and slammed into a divider.ย 

โ€œWe learnt that the driver had 13 summonses against him. Why had the company not screened him and realised that he was not competent to drive that bus? I wonder why the authorities still allowed such a monster to roam our streets?โ€ asked Nian Ning’s distraught father Lee Hock Chuan, 50, a company human resources director.

The family plans to take action against the bus company, read more about it here.

13 Responses to All it Takes is Six Seconds of Blurness.

  1. Sheena says:

    Snatch theft is becoming a real problem here… =/
    Some people got no sense of morals…

  2. eu jin leow says:

    Malaysian drivers are an embarrassment to our country. We drive without thinking of the consequences of our actions, I hope all psycho drivers burn and die a lonely death.

    Oh, lets not forget all the pillaging snatch thieving crooks, whom should have their cocks pinned to their ear lobes for 15 years, at least.

  3. azreen says:

    it has been a exactly a year since my snatch theft experience. i lost a 1 week old phone, 1 week old ipod, dig camera, a much loved handbag, keys but thankfully no money. i have a phobia of suspicious looking men and have almost panic attacks whenever i hear the sound of a motorcycle behind me.

    and the stupid thing is, why the heck do we have to pay the penalty for a new IC when we did not lose it on our own accord? Stress. Stupid snatch thieves.

    Glad you posted this up. Was wondering what really happened to u. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I love reading your blog.

  4. naz says:

    garhhh… it’s things like these that make me dread going home to malaysia…. i’ve gotten too used to the safe streets of bonnie scottieland!

  5. ozzie says:

    omg that sucks so bad. to live in fear all the time.

    and i also read about nian ning. she was such a great student and it’s been such a waste. and to think that she studies in NSW like i do, and she’s malaysian like i am. it’s scary!

  6. yy says:

    OMG. am just glad that you are hurt not too badly. YES. may those buggers rot in the hellest hell!

  7. Cyn says:

    Glad you’re ok and they DIDN”T get your babe hun. Tis true…so many bad things happening lately ๐Ÿ™

  8. melissa chan says:

    “Nowadays, i try not to put my handbag on the seat next to me (the Zouk ppl told me how some thieves have taken to smashing your passenger window and grabbing your bag while your car is stationary at a red light/jam, before zooming off).”

    Yup I don’t leave it on top of the passenger seat, but rather at the bottom, so it’s not so reachable.

    One more thing, usually snatch thieves appear without a sound or warning…so when you are walking anywhere especially on the road you’ve got to not only keep your ears open but to LOOK behind you every so often…because they can creep up behind you silently.

  9. Lainie says:

    when i made the police report the inspector told me they have under 1100 policemen for PJ area – and this includes those who work in the office. 2 patrol cars per station. and they keep asking for more (PJ about 1.6 million people) cars but they dont get it.

    i dont know. on the other hand i hear about how the police have surplus of cars cause they buy it up from proton when the wajas tak laku, and that a lot of the staff are on the political beat, which means they don’t do stuff like patrol the streets.

    i’m damn disgruntled with it all. yknow, i’ve lived here for 2 months now, and i’ve still not seen a single patrol car doing rounds here – i notice these things.

  10. Big Pumpkin says:

    I’m sorry you got violated like that. Hope they rot in hell.

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  12. DNS says:

    Is there anyone, ANYONE, in KL that has not either

    * personally experienced a snatch theft, or
    * knows at least one (usually more than one) *close* friend/family who experienced a snatch theft
    * knows at least 2 or more acquaintances/colleagues who experienced a snatch theft?

    FUCK THIS SHIT. And they want to build a RM400 million palace in Hartamas, or send a gaylord into space for RM90 million?

    “We never bribed the Hulu Selangor voters. The money went into genuine projects that the people wanted”. OH YEAH?? Where was the money *BEFORE* the election?

    And SNATCH THEFTS – you’ll only solve that if you’re on the verge of not getting elected is it??? Where the hell is your logic?

  13. […] reminds me of the time someone tried to snatch my new handbag, and i was most happy that he didn’t get it despite me getting hurt […]

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