A Piece of Pai

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Not the most original of lines i know.

Only two pieces of Pai for you to see.
This internet cafe we’re sipping apple tea at, also has insanely slow connection.
Oh, how i shall embrace high-speed internet and not take it for granted anymore!

This was at a river in the mountains, just on the outskirts of Pai.

Pai, Thailand

Isn’t it bloody gorgeous.

Pai, Thailand

There was a huge lawn on which i flopped myself down unto. The whole scenario reminded me of autumn, cold with warm sunshine that wasn’t too scorching, with lots of leaves and grass to roll around in like a kitten.

This morning, IceCalvin and i went to the market, then to Art Gallery again to chill out in the garden.
Before finishing Scar Tissue, i’d already bought a second-hand book from one of the many book stores here.
So i started on Primo Levi’s If This is a Man, while Calvin strummed away on a guitar and made up lyrics along the way on how i liked reading depressing books on holiday.

After two coffees each there, the owner (Happy Sun) asked us to join him and cooked us lunch.
I’m taken aback by the friendliness and generosity of the people here.
When if your life have you, upon meeting them for the second time, have them invite you for lunch at their dining table without charging you?
He made us a simple but awesome lunch of non-spicy soup with seaweed from China; a peppery stew of mushrooms, basil leaves, chillies and other unknown ingredients; fried egg with chopped giant chillies, and crispy fish that we couldn’t stop taking.

They were like mini ikan bawal stuck to each other by the sides, so that they formed a crispy fish pancake of sorts.
Then there was this naturally salty freshwater fish (but not as salty as ham yee) which i adored the most, and know i’m going to miss it back in KL.

We sat in the bottom garden, had more coffee and played with the cats after lunch.

I’m dreading the difference of life when i fly back already.

Instead of wearing sun dresses all day, i have to look like i belong in the city (or maybe i could be in denial and continue dressing like a tourist).
Instead of taking in the fresh air on a bike, i’ll be maneuvering through traffic and staring at red lights from the back of a car in a jam.

In truth, i don’t miss the city yet.
I just miss my friends, especially my girls.
Though IceCalvin can be bitchy enough for three girls… ha ha!

6 Responses to A Piece of Pai

  1. pretaporter says:

    These two pix are the best so far!
    Simply beautiful and serene ๐Ÿ™‚
    Lucky you!

  2. debzzz says:

    I love your travel journals.

  3. chzehong says:

    aww so beautiful. I wish I could take a couple weeks off the city.

  4. Fong says:

    Love the piccies .. very calm and serene.

    *want to go on hols too!*

  5. stephthevolcano says:

    we miss you too!!…ive never checked out your blog so often…it helps by imagining you’re back in kl telling us your holi-stories and living vicariously through them..haha..lub lub!!

  6. Rachel says:

    i saw you! you were behind me with Rudy while waiting in line for movie tickers. Even though i got no guts to interrupt and say ‘Hi!’ *shy* Just want to let you know that you made my day~ huha ๐Ÿ˜‰

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