10 More Days…

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and there's no more space in my suitcase.
To be fair, it isn't an extraordinarily large one.
IceCalvin's suitcase is twice the size of mine, i jested should we have no more money to stay anywhere, i could sleep in it with the lid closed.

We're shifting guesthouse today 'cos some drunk French dudes made a huge racket next door to us at 4am.
They were pounding on their door to wake their friend up inside whom had fallen asleep.
It was like, BANG BANG BANG (followed by shouting in French) and for that to wake me up (cos i'm a deep sleeper) is a feat, for real.

I couldn't tahan and opened my door to confront them with sleepy slit eyes.
"Can you please be more quiet?"
"Sorry... sorry... but our friend cannot open the door... and we want to sleep!"
"Well. *I* want to sleep too! -_-"

In front of a temple!

This was taken yesterday in front of a temple near the floating market cos Cal and i didn't wanna watch the cobra show.
Come on. We're from Asia. We've seen enough snakes la :p

Okay gotta run.
Nobody wastes time online on a weekend in Bangkok when Chatuchak is open!

*runs off to shop somemore*

4 Responses to 10 More Days…

  1. ajis says:

    sawadee khap. sabai dei reu? have fun shopping in chathucak. i miss the stall food there and also the sweet pineapple.

    khab khun khap

  2. Elisha says:

    Shopping trip!! by the way, why did you resign from your previous job? i think its brave of you to just pick up and leave for some retail therapy and enlightenment =) its something i would totally like to do (oonnnneeee of these days lah,heheh). Enjoy every minute of your trip, be safe and do keep everyone here updated! take care!

  3. supamamia says:

    hey u guys not only share heights but the same size of foreheads too 😛
    betcha shop and sell it here eh…

  4. JoyceTheFairy says:

    ajis: yeah it’s great to eat all the street food i missed!

    elisha: resigned to move on 🙂

    sm: all the space to bring back clothes is for mE. ha ha

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