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So some of us got forced to go for this beer launch last Friday night at Mardi Gras, 1U.
I personally think Mardi Gras is a shit hole place but hey, maybe they’ll deck it up nice and proper for the event.

Nice and proper, they did.
Decent event deco… too bad they forgot the fans.
I arrived an hour after the event had started and the beer had run out already.
It’s not like i really wanted the free beer that night.
I just wanted a drink cos i was super thirsty.

Someone got me a warm one in the end.
Don’t complain.
Just drink.

I don’t see how an event can run out of alcohol an hour after it starts, when it’s *launching* that alcohol in the first place.
Standing next to SueThePixie, who loudly proclaimed it tasted like tonic water, i gazed at the stage area.
The performers were rapping, jumping around and it just seemed… bad.
Figuring i was in a terrible mood myself for lack of appetite the whole week, i kept quiet.

Roen came to stand next to me and started inspecting the performance too.
Tiba-tiba he burst out, “Seriously, what. The. Fuck. Is that?!”
He gestured at the stage impatiently.
Turning to him, i blurted, “Okay. So it’s not me, right? I thought it was just my bad mood that made me think that’s rubbish.”
“No, really. What are they trying to achieve? What’s their concept?”
The fellow was getting damn emo.
But he should know what he’s talking about cos he does events.
And i attend enough events to know what i’m talking about.

Roen disappeared into the crowd and i walked around, looking at the time till i could leave.
It was damn hot.
The crowd was really mixed up.
It was too crowded.
There were no fans.
There were no drinks.
I had the VIP tag but even *that* couldn’t get me a cold beer.

Imagine everyone else who was lining up for free beers.
I cannot la.
Stood at the side with MarkLee and Co. and found Roen again.

Studying the bottle, i pointed out a phrase on it to him.
It read: “All fun. No boredom.”
He glared at it in aggravation, “I’m fucking bored.”
I laughed.
Really couldn’t tahan la after that, so i left my half bottle of unfinished beer and headed for my car.

We don’t get the beer’s ‘fun’ concept…

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Why is it “I am a party a*imal!”???
Is ‘N’ a bad letter? I don’t get it.
Someone please explain the copywriting to me.

Now, a *real* party animal would go –“What are you talking about?! I don’t party! I’m good! I stay at home! WOOHOO!!!” *waves arms in air like mad person on random night*

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  1. Nicholas.c says:

    I dunno what it’s supposed to mean, but I think maybe whoever did this layout meant to put “a’imal” but figured the inverted comma made the text too short (or clashed with the dot on the ‘i’) and so replaced it with an asterix.

  2. suanie says:

    heh. st saw someone with red hair going inside the place, we thought it was you.

    dunno, we had a different experience from you :X still got not-cold-but-not-warm beer more than an hour later too.

  3. Cyn says:

    Agreed, not a great event and the beer was even worse. I got a sort of cold one but it still tasted like crap

    I think I’ll stick to Tiger or Heineken.. better still Guinness draught. Mmmmmm

  4. Mr Li says:

    FYI… The lukewarm beers were only last half hour of event from 21.30 to 22.00 (I know as I worked backstage!). So get your facts right and use the money you are paid by GAB to fund a truth in journalism course…. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Nicholas.c says:

    You know Mr Li, I know this isn’t any of my business, but since this is but a small corner of cyberspace where every point we make is moot anyway, allow me have my 5 cents worth.

    You’re in the business of pleasure. The thing about businesses who deal in pleasure is that it is not enough that what your provide to your customers is merely “acceptable” but it should be exceptional to the point that they feel happy.

    The fact is, your beer is best served chilled. Whats more, this is YOUR (company’s) beer. It would only be logical to assume that as the supplier of this beer, you should be in the know of the proper methods of serving this beer so that the drinker derived maximum satisfaction from it.

    So if you find that your beer has gone warm, don’t you think maybe you should have ensured that it’s always chilled, or not serve the beer at all, knowing that warm beer would taste bad and ruin peoples’ day?

    Thats a thought isn’t it? That ruining people’s day is counter productive to your business.

  6. […] a dancefloor that would light multi-colours throughout the night. Ever since the incident of me being brutally honest at what a shitty launch they threw last year, i’ve never been invited to any Tuborg event […]

  7. percival says:

    The beer itself taste mild, too mild to be exact.. i still love the premium taste of my heineken & the tropic taste of the tiger.. needless to say the rich smooth flavour of the guinness & the cream of guinness draught.. saying all this just make me wanna drink now… cheers..

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