The C. Club

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Working next to Pavilion Kuala Lumpur has its perks of trying out all the new bars and restaurants due to convenience of timing and distance.

AshleyTheMonkey works at The Carat Club now (supposed to blog about their dinner cos they gave me a diamond to do so… but they haven’t sent me pictures yet, ho hum) and asked me whether i wanted to lunch there one day.

Me, always wanting to try new places, went, “OKAY!!” immediately.

Carat Club 

The C. Club consists of two floors directly above Coach at the main entrance of Pavilion.

Carat Club

One thing i don’t get is why they serve Jacob’s Creek when we feel it’s more of an atas place.
But i still ordered it anyway >.<

Carat Club

(AshleyTheMonkey told me that) They’re going to have an oyster tank in soon!
I love oysters… i can’t wait till the next time i’m feeling peckish and spoilt, then i’m just going to run there from the office and scoff them silly daintily. 

Carat Club

She was saying i *must* try the Belon since i haven’t yet.
RM23++ an oyster. Damn. I’m going to savour it slowly sial -_-

Carat Club

That’s my apple + celery consomme, Ash had the mushroom soup (they’re about RM12-14 each. Ish. I can’t remember properly, sorry)

They were super.
And the food… was even more super.
We shared two mains – the duck confit and the cod.
The portions are pretty small, but not overtly so, and the texture and taste just makes up for it to the point i was sighing in pleasure.

The mains were about RM 40-something to 60-something (depending on what you were having), which is all fine and dandy with me compared to bloody Mexican restaurant Carlos (which IceCalvin, JustinYap and i went to before the Club Monaco launch) whose mains cost roughly the same… teamed with quarter the service and half the taste.

After happy afternoon lunching, Ash took me on a tour around the place.

The Carat Club import in other brands from overseas as well.

Carat Club

Ash knew her shit man, and explained why this was expensive, and where that was from, and how that was made.

“Oh, there’s a fairy vase as well.”
“Ooh!” *bounds towards glass case*

Carat Club

Carat Club

Then she showed me this crystal table which cost 300k.

“The chairs are gorgeous… but 300k?!”
“… if i bought this now, i’ll put it in the middle of the road and drape a plastic over it. Then. I’d have to sit under it and LIVE there. Cos i won’t be able to live anywhere else. -_- “

Carat Club 

But cool right the chairs? (the chairs aren’t for sale, bummer.)
I love the chairs. One day, i’ll buy myself these sweet chairs. Then i’ll just… sit on them. And wait for my servants to… feed me Cappanelle shiraz from a crystal glass while my nails are being done while i blog.

Shit i sound like Kanch. -_-


This here is a special staircase.

“It’s the only one in Malaysia!” quipped Ash.
“Erm… okay… *stares perplexedly at so-called special winding staircase*… and why is it so special?”

Apparently cos it’s the only winding staircase without a tiang/pillar in the middle to support it.

Ash has the keycard to the jewelry cases so she showed me some and i tried them on.

Carat Club

Above is one that costs RM59k.
I showed DM the pics in my camera and he commented it looked really big for 59k.
“It’s 1 carat…”
“It looks big there… oh. Your fingers are so tiny!”

CherubicCho and i were talking diamonds last night and i mentioned that bit.
Cho: Moral of the story is…
Me: ?
Cho: Only date a girl with small hands so the diamond always looks big!
Me: -_-

I told LaughingLoga the babble i was blurting when i had it on in the store, “So it’s like, the price of the car i want to buy! Except, hey! It’s sitting on my finger. And it has no wheels… and it’s much tinier… And it’s shinyyyyy. *crazy glinting eyes*”
“… Who was next to you when you were saying this?”
“Just Ashley…”
“Okay good, and she’s your friend right. So you weren’t scaring people.”

Carat Club

See the pink string? Well it’s actually made out of silver and the company producing it devised a way to dye it.
I think the long necklace costs like, 5k or something.

Carat Club

I was seeing stars and feeling like a magpie after that.
Pei from staring at shiny things so intently. 0_o

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  1. thegeekinpink says:

    i fell in love immediately with the pink string gold necklace. AH!!! Now I just have to work my ass off or find a rich man to marry. Which do you think is faster?

    *sighs off in defeat*

  2. JoyceTheFairy says:

    work ass off better. 😉

  3. kanch says:

    basket >_<

  4. kennysia says:

    IngHui, better yet – work your ass off at The Carat Club. 😛

  5. Michael says:

    Wow… the blings blings… I feel sorry for the men who got taken to that place by their gf. :p

  6. caren lau says:

    truly basket

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