Spreading Christmas Spirit… Unsucessfully

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The team gathered in the head office pantry before heading out to KLIA.
Naturally, only two or three people would have to drive the rest.

“Who’s gonna drive?” Vijen asked, looking around at DatinTini, NotYourAverageJo, Arianna and i.
My hand shot up, “I will!”

It was like volunteering at school.
Teacher asks someone to run an errand and i suck up. Only difference was in school, i was trusted with the keys to the literature room, to which i’d make out in with my exboyfriend. I would never trust students with room keys if i were a teacher.

Anyway, back to the story. Everyone looked relieved and i really didn’t mind driving to KLIA.
I mean, what ulterior motive could i possibly have?

*evil grin*

Once we were in the car, i drowned my team in Christmas carols.

NotYourAverageJo: Oh GAWD. It’s Mariah…
Me: Hee hee hee yeah!
NotYourAverageJo: Beautiful. Just beautiful.

His sarcastic distress almost killed the joy of the carol.

After 30 minutes…
DatinTini: Jo? Are you alive? Eh *says to me* I think he’s going to stop breathing by the time you reach…

I felt like i’d made them suffer enough already (but how on earth can listening to joyful Christmas carols be suffering?!) and switched CDs.

Later on in KLIA, i found myself standing next to Vijen in the lift.
Me: I played Christmas songs in the car!
Vijen: … *looks around at everyone* No wonder everyone looks dead.


As we were surveying the stocks, DatinTini slunked away and ended up in the alcohol section.
Woman losing the plot.

Duty Free, huhu… 

Absolut had a new display case promoting Absolut Pears…

Absolut Pear

But DatinTini and i were ooh-ing and aah-ing over the glamour-can-die Absolut Disco bottles.

Absolut Disco! 

Too bad we couldn’t buy them 🙁

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