Spacing Out

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My eyes are wide ala spaced-out-wide, as i stare out into the garden, getting a breather in between rushing some emails and work to send off.
Slept at 6 (i think) last night and i think age is catching up with me cos i used to be able to survive perfectly throughout a week of 4 hours sleep a night.

Now i just mati.

Been hearing all these over-the-top rumours about me all week (what’s with this week?!).
The best was from DarlingDhanya.
“She said her colleagues were saying you’re crazy.”
I’m crazy? *thinks of Dhanya posing as a pregnant woman in Le Meridian for fun* … Who *are* these people?”
“They’re from Celcom.”
What… *thinks* I don’t think i know anyone who’s from Celcom!”

So if i meet anyone and they tell me they work in Celcom, i’m going to be suspicious whether they’ve been saying i’m crazy >.<

Went for dinner KelvinTSD at San Francisco Steakhouse last night and told him about it.
“Well, when i meet people and they ask me what you’re like, i just say, Joyce? She’s absolutely loony.”
“… Thanks. You’re such a great help. -_-“

Told someone else bout it too.
“So… apparently i’m crazy.”
“Oh babe i already knew that.”

If my own friends aren’t going to back up my sanity, i don’t wonder why strangers exaggerate it even more. Sad

Okay, gotta change and get to my head office.
We’ll be undergoing training(?)/visiting at KLIA to see the products there.
I feel like i’m going on a field trip.
Field trip! Field trip!

It’s like school again.
Except we don’t have to wear uniforms. *shudder*
And we’re getting paid. Haha! Laughing

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  1. thegeekinpink says:

    … but crazy crazy is fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

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