Loaf Lattes

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The Loaf is my regular Coffee Fix Joint now.
Their sandwiches are yummy and their iced lattes (RM6-something) aren’t as ex as Starbucks.

Met up with IceCalvin for a quick coffee there just now before joining QueenKanch + AshleyTheMonkey for shopping.
Calvin Cheong

I loved his vintage glasses so he’s bringing me to the shop tomorrow afternoon!

Also, my Maybank ATM card failed on me last week and i just got it rectified today, they blocked it, God knows why -_-

So i went nuts and spent RM700 today.

Bad fairy! Bady fairy! *smacks self*

RM150 was donated to Shu Uemura for more eyelashes.

Shu Uemura Eyelashes

I think i have every single dramatic pair already.

Okay, got to go get ready for some event in Gardens (i’m not even sure what it is) with TattleShan.

6 Responses to Loaf Lattes

  1. izan says:

    love those glasses! which shop is it from? do tell! =)

  2. supamamia says:

    these eyelashes reminded me of xiaxue
    she had it like long way back and even posted a step by step on how to fix them up! Cool!

  3. Ecstasy says:

    Every girl should have nice outrageous lashes like those. Just like all the girls in Taiwan…

  4. notpinklady says:

    hey joyce, i think i saw u in gardens earlier today with a very nice black dress. ๐Ÿ˜€ u look so chun chun to the moon….

  5. […] to start wearing falsies. It’s no crime to wear falsies these days. Did you see the ones on Kinkybluefairy’s blog recently? The ones from Shu Uemura?? I absolutely love the ones with little diamonds on the lash tips! I […]

  6. g says:

    hi joyce! i am also wondering if you would share with me, which shop are those funky shades from. thanks a bunch! ๐Ÿ˜€

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