It’s A Bit Salah…

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… when before the week properly starts, i’m already listening to Michael’s Gray’s The Weekend.

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This one reminds me of ModestMira when we were dancing in Bar Blonde.

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Hmm. There seems to be a running trend with babes gyrating in underwear

Don’t you feel like partying now?! I feel like partying now!
Let’s go let’s go!!!

4 Responses to It’s A Bit Salah…

  1. thegeekinpink says:

    i miss my party days. I’ve slowed down too much. Hrm. where can i goyang goyang in my underwear this weekend? haha

  2. ajis says:

    i wanna party too but gotta work to pay for the partyyyyyyyyyy

  3. Mira says:

    we danced like that meh?!?

  4. wombok says:

    dang.. incredibly sexy videos man.

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