I’m backlogged, I know. Here’s some BBC beauty while you wait.

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I have quite a nice little heap of work, writing and blogging to catch up with.
To ensure completion, i’m staying at home tonight.
Yay for Tuesday being a public holiday!

Daddy’s putting up new shelves for my ever growing collection of shoes as i type. Heart
“What’s with women and shoes? Why do women need so many shoes??” he stalked back into the storeroom.
“Hey… if you see properly, i don’t have any type that’s the same!!” i called to his retreating back.

I must sort out all my clothes tomorrow.
Daddy comes up with the best quips, i swear –
“You know what, your room is like KL. It has a 5-year plan.” Laughing
“Hey! *indignant* I already cleared out all my junk! It’s just the clothes left to sort out!” Bummed

Anyway, i’m either going to sell all the clothes that i’ve worn a few times to events, at the next Lap Sap Junk Sale OR i’ll plan a fashion swap sale for girlies Winky

TOMORROW is an important day, as AlcoJason – beloved childhood friend, public-claimed male version of me, and partner in party activity crime – will be back in KL tomorrow! I blogged about him leaving the last time, and at a drunk moment, also chucked him into one of my blurry posts.

The part that was about him was this:

“Inseparable is waiting all year to see that person
And for that one week they return each year,
Spending every single day with them in ecstacy

Watch the video,ย watch the video!
ZedeckSiew gave me the link to it, for which i appreciate.

[kml_flashembed movie=”http://www.youtube.com/v/isQf2owYQHw” width=”425″ height=”350″ wmode=”transparent” /]

I’m unsure whether i was being emo or what, but everyone knows how i love nature and i teared in the middle. Things like this make me crave to travel all the more… cos there’s still so much i have yet to see/taste/smell/drown/bask in.

2 Responses to I’m backlogged, I know. Here’s some BBC beauty while you wait.

  1. sling says:

    care to sell some of your clothes to your readers from singapore too?

  2. justine says:

    i think zedeck will be chuffed that someone finally appreciates his living world documentary. heh.

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