I Know What ‘Clucky’ Means Now -_-

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This was on Wed night when we had our agency dinner – BAT/Ogilvy/G2 – at TSB in Bangsar.
Trust that on the one and only night Lap Sap decides to go monotone in theme, the agency dinner had a dresscode of ‘vibrant + colourful.’


So i semangat wore this dress for the dinner, and brought this B+W dress to change into in the car before going to Palate Palette

mwah mwah
 moi, Arianna, DatinTini, NotYourAverageJo, Franchesca

Alot of people didn’t dress colourful also -_-
But they told me the next day i won ‘Best Dressed’ Laughing (some Parkson voucher, i wonder how much! i wonder how much!)
Must be the hair Laughing

I left early to pick puggy up and we tied these plastic postcards, i spotted in MPH earlier in the day, around our necks.

Lap Sap!

We are lap sap
Trish + Mukhris

We are lap sap

We are lap sap

We are lap sap

The Bass Agents Winky

We are lap sap
DozyDidjital aka AhHoong, fairy, Kenneth

We are lap sap
Nick aka Ganjaguru always gets a fairy kiss Shy

We are lap sap

We are lap sap
AprilPikachu + BalaTania

We are lap sap
DramaticKim, KinkyPugKevin, Azza

We are lap sap
Fairy, Bianca, NurMeiLing, KinkyPug

We are lap sap
Super happy picture! – Gary + Kevin

We are lap sap
Mukhriz + Jiji

We are lap sap
Azza (ha ha i HAD to steal this off FB and put it up!)

We are lap sap
AdamPoserPan + DramaticKim

We are lap sap
DramaticKim gets distracted…

We are lap sap
Fairy + NotYourAverageJo

We are lap sap
Jiji ALWAYS gets fairy kisses Smooch

We are lap sap
Jiji + NickIsTaller

My plot to sway my brother to the dark side is slowly working.
He’s been partying with us at least twice weekly Pleased

We are lap sap

We are lap sap 

Okay, i totally got carried away posting up pictures. I meant to put up only mine… i took from Kevin and Jiji’s FBs >.< 


One Saturday (quite a while back, i must say), NickIsTaller asked me where he should go get his hair cut.
“Qube la duh…” i answered as if that was the stupidest question my brother could possibly ask.

I hooked him up with an appointment with Ashley @ Qube and as i was running out to have a lunch meeting with the Lap Sap girls, he reached home.

Nicholas Wong

Went to Delicious @ Bangsar Village to see MeeshGun, SarChan, Melissa, Trish and Nur concerning this small event thing (it’s shush for now >.<) we’re trying to put together.

Melissa: So… how did you meet so-and-so? (i forgot which girl she was referring to)
Me: … Partying Shy

It was kinda weird seeing all the girls whom i’m so used to yelling in my ear/trying to make out with me/pouring drinks/dancing like a monkey and basically, just misbehaving, in the daytime.

I was gonna write ‘wear happy whacky clothes,’ but even in the daytime we’re all happy-coloured.

Lap Sap Tootsies!

Nur Zakuan

Courtesy of Kraftgrafik

Cassette necklace courtesy of Kraftgrafik at the Lap Sap Junk Sale.

At one point during the meeting, i noticed a cute-as-heck toddler waddling behind the glass panel i was sitting at.
Gazing at the tiny thing, i couldn’t help smiling to myself how layan diri she was.

Nur nudged me, “Are you feeling clucky?”
“… what??”
“You know, clucky.”
“Yes i know what clucky is… what do you mean…”
“You know, like ‘pok pok’ *makes chicken sounds* You wanna lay an egg!”

Howling with laughter, i whacked her on her arm. Nur, i mean. Not the kid.
I cannot unnerstand her ozzie slang sometimes wei.

7 Responses to I Know What ‘Clucky’ Means Now -_-

  1. cynthiathia says:

    Hey Joyce met you at PP that night lol so thats what Lap Sap is! A friend of mine yanked me to the party neither of us knowing what we were getting ourselves into ;p Then Lap Sap began to sound more and more familiar, decided to check to see if i read the name in your blog, haha guess i was right 😉

  2. Willk says:

    Nice hair cut u brother got. Btw i would like to know where is Qube locate? Btw how much is the hair cut and if possible provide me the link if the hair salon had website. Thanks.

  3. Rachie says:

    hey fairy, i don’t know if you had me drugged or something but i just had to read your posts every single day. btw, just now i had a typo and guess what i found in http://www.kinkybluefairy.com 😉

  4. MeiLing la says:

    what ozzie slang?
    saya anak malaysia oh kay

  5. JoyceTheFairy says:

    Cynthia: hee hee yeah 😉 so now you’ve seen it for yourself 😀

    Wilk: Heya, Qube is in Plaza Damas, Hartamas – 03 6201 2711

    Rachie: Yeah i saw this last year, that’s why i didn’t buy the domain… quite ex la!

    meiling: i tau you anak malaysia… tapi bahasa awak pun tak bagus sangat… i think? was it you? sorry me memory is worse.

  6. laydeh says:

    ha.. i think u got the wrong twin here – meiling speaks manglish to the core!

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