What An Adventure!

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Sorting out my room is SUCH an adventure.
I’ve been stumbling upon the most random objects and notes that made me laugh out loud to myself like a maniac, go silent with memories, relive past phases in my life and get all confused because i don’t know whether to throw them away or not.

My brother’s advice: Just close your eyes and throw.
Daddy’s line: You simply throw away things that i know can be used!

So how?

I’ve separated things that are still usable (just that i know i won’t use them anymore) into a huge box from… BAT.ย  -_-
I just so happened to have the gratis box.
So now it’s holding all my treasured junk.

In another smaller box are things which are too precious to give/sell and it’s now my “Emergency Present Box.”
It really is a box of treasures with branded goods that i received and just never used…

Daddy saw the hallway packed with rubbish, things to give/sell, things to keep, and things i don’t know where to put.

“You have SO MUCH stuff in the hallway, yet you still have SO MUCH stuff in the room!!!” he exclaimed.
“I know i know… now when i look at everything, i don’t even know how i managed to fit ALL THAT into my room!”

The reason i’m taking longer is also because i’m separating ALL my rubbish into paper, plastic and glass to recycle.
So there are even more trash bags spread around.
Which is aggravating my mother excessively.

NickIsTaller popped into my room to sibuk, “Wow, i can see more of the floor now!”
“Oh shut up!”

I donated heaps of condoms i found around my room to him.
Got them from so many events and they’re of so many brands.
I must’ve given him like ten separate brands.
Aren’t i such a caring sister? Hee hee.

Found so many strange things the past few days.
Confetti – Uh huh… i’m sure i’s saving that for a party… sometime…
Zebra mask – I have no idea where that came from -_- Might wear it to Lap Sap one day!
Christmas baubles – i meant to paint them to give away. Obviously that never happened.
A Cert – Oh my. This is the BEST. I laughed so loudly to myself in the room. It was a cert awarded to me from high school thanking me for partaking in the Anti Alcohol Campaign. THE IRONY.
Notes – Mostly written with AishahCravesCoffee and Yishyene.
Leaves – from a forest in Devon. I’m not throwing these away…
Spanish doubloon – from the 17th century! I have no idea how much this is worth. A girl called Laurie gave it to me when i left Newcastle when i was 8.

Things that i can’t bear to throw away are all my old artworks. Daddy tried convincing me to chuck them and i shrieked, “Oh my god! NO!”
I’m chucking alot of cardboard and coloured papers… quite sayang but i know i won’t use them.
The papers i’m keeping are these gorgeous Conqueror ones which are way too precious.

Perfect timing is:


Got a message from Melissa Chan on FB:

I will be organising a junkyard sale in conjunction with LAPSAP (DJ Blink & Ah Xu)’s party cum BBQ at Palate Palette this coming 18 Nov (Sun) from 1.30pm – 8pm.If you are interested, there are limited slots available, no rental fee, except for a FULLY-REFUNDABLE deposit of RM50.00 (will give more details on payment etc).

A flyer will be circulated soon, but in the meantime I am looking for vendors who would like to participate…anything goes…secondhand goods or brand new…as long as you have a MINIMUM of at least 20 items for sale โ€“ however NO FOOD items are allowed to be sold.

Let me know if you (or any friends) are interested, any questions feel free to email me (mc@kraftgrafik.com) or call me on my mobile 012 3755975. As there are very limited slots, booking will be closed by 12 Nov 2007.


melissa chan

kraftgrafik 001716859-A

p-g 23 jalan pju 8/1
tropics shopping centre
damansara perdana
47820 petaling jaya
selangor malaysia

m +6 012 375 5975
t +6 03 7710 5976
f +6 03 7710 5971


I’ve already booked a table to get rid of all my stuff.
Please come.
I’m not trying to make money here.
All i want is the stuff to go to someone who will actually use these things.
Especially if you’re an art student because… i have so many paints, brushes and marker fluids that aren’t cheap and i just want them to go to people who will use them.

So i won’t be charging much at all. Prollie a few bucks or something.
We can bargain and you can talk rubbish to me as i try to give away my rubbish.

I plan to bring along martini glasses, my shaker, ice and my bottle of Grey Goose to layan diri (and feed you alcohol) to be all happy clappy throughout the day.

Hee hee.

18th of November.


Okay back to sorting out my stuff before my parents throw everything unto the road.

4 Responses to What An Adventure!

  1. Wilson says:

    where is this Lap Sap & Palate Palette? i sound so jakun… ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. x says:

    This made my day. Hilarious.

  3. Kevin Yeoh says:

    Ok i want… er… hmmmmmmmmmmmm.
    I DUNNO WHAT I WANT!!!!!!!!

  4. dianne says:

    i just wanted to find out.. what sort of brushes, paints and marker fluids are they? i.e. type (flat, round, broad, thin…; acrylic, gouache…) brand, condition (are the fluids still er.. fluid?), price?
    thx =)

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