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I spent all of Monday doing laundry.
Heaps and hills of it.
Two batches in the machine and four batches by hand.
I don’t think i’ve done so much laundry in one day in my entire life.
Just needed to keep busy. Then i edited a whole bunch of Bali pics as well.

By the time it was 8pm, i changed and looked presentable, some, and went to meet writer SiewChing at the Curve where she interviewed me for a feature article.
Tiba-tiba she said, “Oh, i read about your dog.”
Then i started tearing… -_-
I cried during an interview -_-
Damn fail.

Bali pictures – Day 1:

Caspar Rohleder

CasparBFG picked me up from the airport on a bike, then we ran around getting the necessary for our road trip – rental car, petrol, his laptop from his friend’s room for me to do my work on, and magic mushrooms.

Shroom Cafe in Kuta

No, i’m serious.
You think i’m kidding?
I wanna open one with happy-coloured furniture and Disney music playing at all hours.

Magic Mushrooms

Then we got the rental car which was manual.

RM30 a day. Okay la.

I can doooo ittttttt



Local Kids in Bali

Okay, see, the pictures above were taken during the leisurely part of the drive.
They told us we’d take two hours to get to Lovina (up north) from Kuta.
Rubbish. We took four hours.

Later on, it got dark real quick, the roads became more windy and steep, there were no streetlights on the mountains *and* it started raining.
Fucking champion.
I drove super slowly, not wanting to drive us over a cliff, thus ending our lives in Bali.

By the time we got to resort Melka Excelsior, i flopped on the bed and died immediately.

We woke up at 5:45 am the next day whereupon a local dude fetched us on his bike to the beach – where we’d set off in a tiny boat to see the dolphins feed there.




I mean, c’mon, that’s dodgy right?
CasparBFG: What are those guys doinG there?!
Me: Urm… taking a morning dip..? Haha!

How calm and still…

Dolphins at Lovina

Fairy in Lovina

Lovina, Bali.


Dolphins at Lovina

Look at that! So many dolphins!
They all swam merrily in one direction, some flipping as they went along.

Dolphins at Lovina

It was just such a serene experience, being silent in the cool morning air as we watched the wild dolphins glide at the surface of the water in that dark dark sea.

Sunrise at Lovina, Bali

We headed back to shore where a couple of men were trying to sell us overpriced dolphin-themed jewelry, to which we turned down.

By then it was around 8 am and i was SO sleepy and tired from the previous day’s stressful drive that we crashed for a nap (well i only napped an hour, Caspar got three hours or something, bugger).
I awoke at 9 something to write Justin’s press release in the lobby where the wifi was available.

Nothing Wrong With Pretending You’re A Kid Again

Noon was the exciting bit where we got to swim with a couple of the dolphins in the resort!

Btw, it cost us 250,000 Rupiah per person for twin-sharing room and to swim with the dolphins, also equivalent to RM100.

Dolphins at Lovina

This is the female dolphin, who liked CasparBFG better then she did me.

Dolphins at Lovina

These are the male dolphins who loved me way more then the female one did.

Dolphins at Lovina

And one of them let me ride on his back!

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  1. ron says:

    “kisses are of almost the same value”

    i so love that caption! 🙂

  2. Irene says:

    wow… nice dolphin-fairy picture! Beautiful, lucky lucky fairy… so sweet (^^)

  3. pretaporter says:

    Nice pictures of the sea 🙂

  4. zee says:

    could you tell me where that happy shop is? heading to bali for NYE and planning to get well tripped out if we can.

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