One Man’s Lap Sap is Another Man’s Pou Chong

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Coming back to work in KL sucks after traipsing around Bali for four days
Even though i only drove the jeep there for a couple of days, i kept on flicking the wrong switch for the signal lights while driving to work yesterday -_-

And what different scenery! (if it can even be* considered scenery)
KL is jam, jam, jam, jaywalkers trying to commit suicide, concrete buildings, banks, offices, traffic light upon traffic light.
Bali is trees trees trees, winding roads, suicidal dogs lying everywhere, fruit stalls, temples, wooden houses, mountains and fields on either side.

I draped myself on the office table yesterday.
“What’s wrong with you? Don’t feel like working right,” said DatinTini
“Yeah, man. I wish i could just travel all the time!” i lamented

Then i had to get back to reality and stare at the screen.

I saw a pink condom placed next to me my pink Little Pony (damn! i wish i brought my pony with me when i had shrooms! The pony prollie would have been prancing with me) on my desk.
Arianna put it there cos they matched in colour -_-

Told NotYourAverageJo about my shroom experience and how everything was in cartoon
Jo: “Just goes to show what goes on in your head.”

Last night was the launch of T Mag in conjunction with Fashion Week @ KL Convention Centre
Pics up later
When people ask me, “How was your trip?” i think of the shrooms and go, “I had a greaaaattttt trip!”


KinkyPugKevin and i pottered over to kitchen + bar after that since TattleShan and Dan were there.
But then again, of course Dan would be there, he *lives* there.
I scanned the cocktail menu and ended up with a choc orange martini AGAIN.
I can’t help it… i love them so much! They taste like jaffa cakes and i adore jaffa cakes!
Jaffa jaffa jaffa *babbles*

A few pictures of more to come, gotta run out now to sort out that stupid cheque that’s pissing me off and pay the deposit for the Lap Sap sale this Sunday

Dolphin Kiss!

Poser Alert

Massage on Dreamland Beach

5 Responses to One Man’s Lap Sap is Another Man’s Pou Chong

  1. Fei says:

    “i wish could just travel all the time” YAH!!!!!!!!! me followed by big sigghhhhhhh ….

    thats a wonderlovely pic with the dolphins!!!!
    do they do cute tricks like what we see on tv? do they do they???…. and how do we know if its a male or female…?

  2. Mellissa says:

    This is completely random and off-topic, but I was in this novelty store yesterday and I came across this Tinkerbell toy which you mount on the ceiling, and it flies around your room — and I instantly thought of you!

  3. Iman says:

    Hey, i actualy saw u at the immigration in Bali. u arrived on sunday right?

  4. alexandra says:

    Wow nice trip. May i know roughly how much to spent on dorphin trip at bali.

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