Poor Meesh

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I was purchasing tea at the 7-Eleven below my office the other day when Meesh came storming in, much to my shock because she doesn’t even work in the area.

“Eh? What are you doing here?” i exclaimed in surprise, trying not to forget getting DatinTini beehoon as well.
“You know what?! I was in Pavilion right, and i went to J.Co to buy donuts!”
“Uh huh… and then…” I’ve been hearing about these damn donuts from everyone the past couple of months.
“So i went to get something else, put them down next to me for a few minutes, and SOMEONE STOLE THEM!!!”

I laughed freaking loud in 7-Eleven, clutching my can of chrysanthemum tea as not to drop it.

“I’m sorry…” i choked, “It’s tragic, i know, but it’s so damn funny…”
“My donuts! This is what the world is coming to!!!” She flailed her arms madly.

So there you have it.
Miss Social Conscious who’s written for Off The Edge and now with Tell mag.
Shrieking her head off cos someone stole donuts she queued 45 minutes up for.

I’d be mad too. *sympathetic look*

Yesterday was a siao day.
I thought i might die. Like, really pass out from lack of sleep and die sort of thing.
Detergent Man woke me up at 6:30am so that i could research for this forum i was to take part in at 10am.
He had some difficulty.
Plus then we started making out.
So that didn’t help my time management.

Dragged my sorry ass home to research and Daddy questioned my actions at 8:30am
“What are you doing up?”
“Researching… for… this speech thing i have later…”
“I hope they’re paying you.”
“No… they’re not.”
“Then why are you doing it?!”
“To create awareness among the students… and exposure for myself as well i guess.”
“You want exposure you go streaking okay.”


I can’t believe my father just suggested i run around in the nude.

Went for the forum (will blog more bout it later)
Afternoon, went for the Digi Fuyoh event at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa (will blog bout that later too :p)
Then to Benny’s birthday pool party at Dua Residency.

I had a vague clue where the apartments were… and i did my super fail way by driving around looking up at the surrounding buildings till i thought, “Hey… that kinda looks like Dua…” and drove toward it.

After Benny’s party was QueenKanch’s birthday at her mum’s house in Subang.

At the end of the night, i drove all the way back to Detergent Man’s apartment to drink with them till 5am.
Or something. I didn’t see the time.

Woke up in the middle of the morning to find the spot next to me empty.
So i wandered around the apartment like a lost kitten to drag him back to bed.
“The demonstrations are going on outside…” he said.
I woke up a fair bit more, “Oh where? Can see from the balcony? I wanna see, i wanna see!”
My mum had already been telling me not to wear orange since Friday.
“No, you can’t see it, go back to bed.”

KinkyPugKevin gave me a link to what it was like –

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  2. pretaporter says:

    People who gets JCo are those who wannabe in with the hype.
    Nothing special abt the donut anyway and the queueing time can put to better things….
    What kind of exposure that you are looking for?
    Anyway you exposed youself to your blog readers here that you’ve met a guy less than a week and already on his bed…
    Haih.. lucky him no need to chase you so long hehe!
    The detergent smell must have turn you on…..tsk..

  3. kanch says:

    i beg to differ pretaporter…maybe you’ve not tasted the the doughnuts yourself…they’re amazing…and i dont think malaysians are so free to que up just because they’re wannabes…your accusation is baseless and therefore flawed!! remember one man’s food could be another man’s poison!


  4. Joyce says:

    Pretaporter: I couldn’t care less what you think of me. There is only so much you can tell of a person’s life from their blog.

  5. meesh says:

    Who the fuck is this guy? First he insults my donuts and then he insults you?! Anyways. Fuck you. J Co rocks, and is the only form of donut sustenance as there is no Krispy Kreme here. And btw, I love the smell of detergent, so Joyce I totally approve ๐Ÿ™‚ hehe not that you need it! So yeah, fuck off pretaporter. You obviously have no taste!

  6. pretaporter says:

    Gals, your choice of words..
    It’s my personal view on that. Enjoy your donuts and happy queueing. Joyce I’m just interpreting your writing becos it says so…

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