I Want A Dolphin!

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Just arrived back in Kuta this evening.

So much has happened in the past few days it’s exhilarating!


I have:

– seen wild dolphins swimming at 6am

– played with two dolphins in a pool

– climbed Mt. Batur at 4am

– driven a stick without killing myself or anyone else across the mountains in Bali

– tried shrooms (unsuccessfully)


What day is it today? Oh, Tuesday.

Totally lost track of days and instead, count them as Day 1, Day 2 and so forth.


Woke up at 5:45am on Monday morning whereby our boatman fetched CasparBFG and i on one bike (that’s three of us on one 0_o) to Lovina beach.

The beach is black, cos of the volcanic lava.

I have so much to explain but i think i’ll do all that with the pictures, we took heaps!


We went back to the resort after that, where we played with some dolphins in the pool and they’re such strong adorable animals!

I’ve never felt such a connection with them before this… now i want a pet dolphin.

No, two. So they can both keep each other company when i’m not there.

There were two male ones who totally layaned me and the instructor had to ask me to go to the side of the pool so they would play with CasparBFG too, who was sulking in the middle.


In the end he went to play with a female dolphin in the other pool whilst i paddled around with Jack and John.

They were super active (cos it’s playtime in the afternoon) and swam under, over and around me constantly and wouldn’t let me get back to the side of the pool.

At points they seem a bit… er… frisky and almost got my bikini bottom off.

And at another point one of them bounced me up into the air!


One of the guys managed to get a video of it, so cool!

And then and then! I got one of their backs and he pulled me around the pool!

“Wow, they really like you!” exclaimed the instructor.

Then the dolphin (Jack of John, i couldn’t tell) pulled me further away and the instructor said they knew it was time for me to go.


So cute!

I’m absolutely smitten… sigh.


Monday night, we tried the shrooms.

Half of them went bad already so we mixed the rest into a banana milkshake and it DIDN’T work to which i’m sorely disappointed.

So gonna try again tonight since i’m in Kuta again heh.

I don’t care. I just want to try it once after what everyone has been saying and experience it for myself.


What DID happen last night is after an hour of no shroom effect, we decided to call it a night cos we had to rise at 3:30 am to climb Mt. Batur (i know right, i don’t even wake up for work that early in KL heh. But have barely slept during the holiday – alot of driving and activities).

We didn’t plan to do this, but hey, that’s the whole idea with traveling… you just do things that come along your way.

About midnight, i woke up in horrible nightmares – the type where you’re awake and you feel things that are happening around you, but you can’t move. Then i started imagining things as well.
I saw the ashtray next to my bed as a big hand that was going to grab me.
CasparBFG’s shirt on the bathroom door was a big head about to bite me.
The dressing table looked like a skeleton in a suit (i know right -_-)

Horrible. Horrible horrible horrible.

Tried listening to Caspar’s advice – “It’s all in your mind. There’s nothing in the room. Remember that,” and called me a baby.


I think it was the slight effects of shrooms and me being in the dark cos… i’m a scaredy cat that way >_<


I could hear CasparBFG playing with his PSP in the bed next to me but i couldn’t move.

Then i heard a telephone ringing but we don’t have one in our room!

And a lot of imaginary ghosties… ugh, fucked up.


Climbing up the mountain was an experience but nothing compared to Mt Kinabalu

Will elaborate more later.


La di da okay i’m getting lazy now, i want to go get a massage and a bit of shopping.


Things to do before i leave:

– try shrooms again -_- tonight

– go bungy-jumping tomorrow

– drink with CasparBFG (can you believe we’ve been yakking away and not been drinking at all!?)

– shop ๐Ÿ˜€










4 Responses to I Want A Dolphin!

  1. tzelin says:

    hey joyce, you’re so lucky! i wanna swim with dolphins too! when i saw em in seaworld, i wanted to work there. >_< so adorable!

  2. Cyn says:


    You better have a lot of pics when you come back. And do tell about the shrooms. Haven’t tried them either. Wanted to the last time we were in Bali but no one else did, so takkan I layan diri right?

    See you soon baby ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Bubbles says:

    I want one too! Bring me back the info so that I can get one in Jan when I’m in Bali!

  4. Rachel says:

    Oh gosh, I want one! The last time I touched one was when I was 8. So adorable.

    You got to swim with them? You lucky thang. ;p

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