I is want a Band Aid and a hug.

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Both Reubens wanted to continue drinking last night after the Heineken Extra Cold launch, so we headed to Somo in separate cars to have some there.
Upon parking, i happily pranced out of the car…

to trip on the pavement and scrape my knee. Whatevah

Picking myself up fairly quickly, i maintained sendiri while sqeaking “Alamak!” to myself.
Didn’t think anyone saw so i strutted up the sidewalk to see…

ReubenThom standing there. “Erm… are you okay?” he queried, trying to squash the grin off his face.
“>_< Fuck i thought noone saw. I fell down… Sad,” i repeated the obvious while whining like a kid.

DatinTini saw my scrape in the opis today, “Oh my god. You’re 20-something years old and you can still fall down!”


I can’t help it if stilettos weren’t made for girls who like to skip.

Speaking of skipping, i left 101 East the other day and merrily said bye to one of the staff, G (i don’t know, he said his name is ‘G’ or ‘jee’) and hopped down a step.
“What’s wrong?” he called after me.
I swirled around, “What’s wrong what?”
“What’s wrong with your foot?”
“Nothing…. why? What’s wrong with my foot?”
“Why are you walking like that?”
“Oh!… I… was… skipping >_<…”

I always thought it was DikHaHaHau’s exaggeration when he says i scamper till… other people started saying it.

Maybe it’s because i’m shorter and i have to walk faster, hence skipping is quicker, to keep up okay!
It’s The People surrounding me that make my life interesting.
“P” Is For:

1. Paedophile

A 30-something year old friend was telling me, “Guess what, an 18-year-old asked me to be her boyfriend.”
It was said rather gleefully, i might add.
“What?!” That’s barely legal okay. “You’re such a paedophile! How did you even *meet* this 18-year-old?”
“She’s my sister’s friend.”
“Oh my god.”
“I took her out last week! You met her.”
“I don’t remember.”
“You’re such an embarrasment.”

At least i’m not a paedophile!!! *sticks tongue out*

2. Prayer

The girls and i were playing Taboo.
DarlingDhanya + i were on one team.
SpankyCammy + StephTheVolcano were on the other.
Aps was on both.

It was my turn to guess the word whilst DarlingDhanya described.
“It’s something… that i do when i wake up… and when i go to sleep!”

Me: Pray? 

We couldn’t stop laughing. She was trying to get at ‘brush teeth’ to link to mouthwash.

>_<  Oops. 

3. Peter Pan!

(sorry, but Peter Pan deserves bigger fonts, read: more important)


Peter Pan The Musical opens this Friday at Istana Budaya!
You can only imagine how excited i am about it.

No, wait.
You cannot even imagine.
I was squealing about it ALL DAY in the office like a deranged monkey when i found out a couple of weeks back.

Read a write-up about it and the first line was, “Do you believe in fairies?” and i was squealing inwardly, “I DO! I DO!” 

Called someone i knew whom had the supreme power of getting me tickets… Silly

“I need to ask you a favour! Please!” i almost shouted into the phone
“Yes, what is it?”
“Please! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! You know i never ask you for anything right? I’ve never asked you for any free tickets before right?! BUT i’m DESPERATE!”
“Okay okay, what is it first!”
“Ha ha i know i know, okay okay!”

Seriously. I’m so happy i cannot tahan.
I even spoke about it in the meeting room today and raised my hand when Mr. New Team Leader wanted to see who wanted this week’s party canceled due to Deepavali.

And it got canceled!


I was so worried i’d have to give up my Peter Pan tickets for work!


And to the person who helped me get tickets for opening night, actually there are three of you Laughing
You know who you are.
I love you long time.
I won’t forget this.
Fairy love for life yo.

Official website*
Details on tickets
On Axcess
On Kakiseni
On The Star  
Article in NST 

Yeah you can tell i have more writing work to do when i’m blogging… it’s a good way to keep me awake soddof.
Bumped into Jess today whom i owe a 1,200-word article to.
Damn kantoi when you owe an article and they bump into you at events/restaurants/bars okay.

I know you’ll be reading this.
By Thursday! Deepavali! 

Now i’m going to work on Justin’s press release which desperately needs to go out for print for fashion week.
I can’t bear taking money from friends so… he said he’d make me a pair of haute couture shoes in return.


One skill for another, yay!

Ok, shower then start.

3 Responses to I is want a Band Aid and a hug.

  1. Rosalind says:

    I fell down the stairs a month ago. Actually grabbed my friend’s hair by reflex for support. Fell knees first and went down a few steps as if my knees were the roda of a skateboard. I thought only my friend and I were there, manatau this dude who was at the water dispenser in front saw and he was like tercegat batu there..jaw dropped and said, “OMG, are you ok?” and stayed on till he saw me walking away.

    My left knee cap is still painful after a month. I hope I didnt crack anything.

  2. JoyceTheFairy says:

    rosalind: omg… i can’t believe you didn’t get it checked >_< yours is totally way worse

  3. Fei says:

    fuuyohhhh… u really do have a knack of linking a thousand and different one things into just one post and make it seem like the smoothest entry to read in the world… very new age karangan teacher…~

    peter pan & wendy~~~
    i wonder how big/small the fairy is….!

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