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I think i haven’t had a post like this for a long time, the kind where i’m blogging just to pass time because i’m waiting for someone, he’s late, to teman me to the Met event just down the street from my office.

I’m all alone in the office.
Could do… bad.. dirty things withouth anyone… knowing… no i’m kidding. Got camera. Lucikly i remembered.

Franchesca told me today, “I haven’t drank for three days.”
I spurted, “Hmm. I haven’t drank for three minutes.”
Fran: -_-

Oh, i had wine during lunch :p
It was only one glass!
And there’s nothing wrong with having a glass of wine on a windy sidewalk at La Bodega.
I feel misjudged that people chastise me and my wine.

My next few days will be sacrificed to cleaning my room (yes it’s still going on) and writing.
Someone (naturally, i forgot who) said it’s an ongoing project.
Then they said, “You know, ongoing project like how they’re building a flyover and it takes ages?”


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  1. eu jin leow says:

    how come the site keeps breaking up when I scroll downwards?

    cumbersome… ๐Ÿ˜›

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