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That’s one of my latest ambitions.
To own a Shroom Shop in Bali playing only Disney music and happy furniture everywhere.

The shrooms were so awesome last night.
So awesome that CasparBFG wanted to join in on my fun.
So awesome that he walked out to get himself some and called me Shroom Ambassador.
I was basically in Toonland, everything around me was in cartoon!
More to explain later.

CasparBFG: “Most people don’t take to it well the first time… i think the reason you’ve got it going good is because you embraced it, rather then be scared of what you were going to see.”

Hell yeah i embraced it alright.

I miss Toonland.


Lap Sap Sale!

3 Responses to Disney Shroom Shop

  1. Faddy says:

    Hey… was just trying my luck getting you to reveal your sources hahahaha. Might be heading to Bali soon and I wanna be in toonland!

  2. Arth says:

    First time I took shroom soup, I was crawling in friend’s backyard, thought I was climbing a steep hill. Then I saw an UFO and when it landed, Kurt Cobain came out of it. Damn layan!

    That was many years ago…

  3. xy says:

    Hi there miss shroom ambassador, sorry this seems to be an abrupt comment.. But being a shroom lover like you, may I know where do you usually go for your shroom-perience in bali?

    I shroomed on three ocassions from different suppliers.. they all gave me very different experience.. from ecstatic to horrifying… did some study and found that the quality of shroom will greatly affect what you’ll be seeing and hearing.. am kinda hoping u will be able to share with me or suggest to me the best places to get good quality shrooms in bali as I will be heading there again next week…

    Thank you from your fellow shroomer ๐Ÿ™‚

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