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I couldn’t wake up this morning for my flight, good gods.
NickIsTaller woke me up twice before i forced myself out of bed upon hearing him saying, “You’re going to miss your flight if you don’t get up now. Do you want to miss your flight?”

TwentyOne Kitchen + Bar cocktails really killed me last night.
And i can’t believe… i tershowed my emoness to Shantini last night.

I rush packed and threw random pieces of clothing into my suitcase in 10 minutes and he drove me to the airport.
CasparBFG chastised me for bringing a suitcase, “We’re backpacking! You’re not supposed to bring a suitcase!*

>_< He greeted me at the airport with... a bike. I haven't got on a bike since i was in kindergarten. We got lost (or rather, he got lost) driving the bike back to the inn where we were to return it in exchange for a rental car to drive up to Lovina. "5 minutes," he said confidently. "This area looks familiar to me." 10 minutes later: "5 minutes, 5 minutes... i just gotta do a U-turn then we'll be there!" Another 10 minutes later: "5 minutes! We'll be there! I just know it's somewhere around here..." The fellow is so optimistic can die okay. "You can drive right? You gotta drive to Lovina... cos i haven't driven for 6 months and i'm not used to driving on the left side of the road," CasparBFG said. Drivers in Denmark drive on the right side. I was fine with the idea till he said they don't have auto cars for rent at the inn. Only manual, and *i* started panicking cos i haven't driven a stick since... i took my license. 0_o We didn't have a choice really, cos we couldn't carry his laptop along on a bike, plus i've never driven a bike before, let alone a long journey. Dahlah i felt paranoid on the bike from the airport, imagine me having to bike for hours... might mati on the spot okay. So i drove a rattled up old jeep. Hungover. For four hours. Crossing through the mountains that had really twisty, steep roads. We stopped for a quick dinner in Singaraja at this roadside stall. A tiny old lady served us nasi campur with bits of dishes which tasted really different from the malay dishes i'm used to. CasparBFG is friendly nuts, hence the name BFG. The fellow is shouting and smiling hi to people everywhere ha ha. Oh shit, how can i forget! I told him i desperately wanted to try shrooms as i never got to before and he arranged for us to pick it up before we left Kuta. He proclaimed he'd tried it the week before and never was gonna do it again cos he didn't feel like he was in control of the drug... but we bought two bags cos it's no fun if i take it myyself and he doesn't. I'm so excited! Wanted to take it tonight but i have work to do now. 0_o I was so tired when we arrived at Melka Excelsior Hotel where we're staying, but still semangat to see the dolphins in the pool. We're going out into the ocean at 6am (die) tomorrow to see them! Wee!! So excited! They're SO CUTE and slippery-looking and i can't WAIT to be up close with them tomorrow! I was so tired from the stressful drive (what more the brakes on the jeep aren't that great and it was raining) that i collapsed on the bed and stoned sendiri for a while. Heard CasparBFG say aloud, "Oh baby... i've missed you..." Thought he was on the phone with some chick when i turned around to see him gazing down lovinglyl at his PSP instead. -_- Okay, gtg. Wanna get some proper sleep before Dolphin Day tomorrow! Then we'll drive to Kintamani and hopefully get hooked up to visit the island where they place dead bodies wrapped in cloth there insead of burying them. And tomorrow will be magic mushroom day! WOOHOO!!! We hung them in front of the aircon first since we're not gonna consume them today. :p

7 Responses to Bali – Lovina

  1. ajis says:

    magic shrooms? jealous jealous and extremely jealous ni!!!!

    have fun n enjoy the moment. wohoooooooooooo

  2. Ecstasy says:

    Shrooms!! ๐Ÿ˜€ none in Singapore.

  3. ajis says:

    joyce….don’t do a “bridget jones”

  4. JoyceTheFairy says:

    ajis: what’s pulling a bridget? 0_o

  5. ajis says:

    hey joyce, bet you tak tengok bridget jones diary 2 – she had shrooms and guess what happened. go and watch it.

  6. hi says:

    where did you get the shrooms ?i aso wan to get

  7. Sha says:

    Hey may I know where u got the shrooms?

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