Anonymous Violent Lady

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Let’s call her AVL, shall we.

So i saw AVL recently and she dictated to me an incident that happened last weekend while clubbing.
A group of them went out to one of the popular clubs in KL and amongst them was this guy she knows from high school.

Being tipsy, he aimed his camera at the girls’ knees and took shots.
Shots of their knickers before they could stop him.
“Oh my god! How fucking rude! What an ass!” i exclaimed angrily.
I seriously wonder where people learn their manners, if any, sometimes!
“I know right!”
“What did you guys do?!”

So you know what AVL did?

She punched him.
Outside the club.
In full view of the crowd, bouncers and patrons of surrounding clubs.
Of course, the other guys in the group gave a few swings too.

And AVL being the high-so woman she is, had a couple of uncles in atas positions who witnessed the incident, questioned why and asked her for the guy’s full name so he could be picked up by the police and thrown into jail.

She refused cos she thought it was enough and didn’t want it blown out of proportion.

AVL showed me her knuckles, which were recovering from a bruise from punching him.

“Shit, you really gave a good one right? Hahaha!!! Plus you must have been wearing all your rings!”

GarfieldChak was with us as well, “Wow. I think the guy is more malu that a girl punches him in public. So did it feel good?”
“It felt damn good,” AVL said expressionlessly.

Hahaha! It cracks me up when guys today think they can do shit like this and get away with it.
So behave yourselves.
You never know when the girl you’re messing with is an AVL herself.

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  1. fellow AVL says:

    why she punch? shoulda kicked him where it hurt the most(but not enough to permanently dejewel him la) and destroyed the camera. and revealed his name to the higherups if she could away with it.

  2. PunPunRider says:

    oh… the horror.

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