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Holed Up

I spent the whole of Sunday and Monday holed up in my house recovering from fever, a hacking cough and over-socialising.
Got a telling off from a few friends that i was overworking it last week but see! I’m fine now!

Went to LaughingLoga’s surprise birthday party last week and i still repeat that with a whole bunch of Indians, the jokes are really damn 7 stupid laugh can die.

LaughingLoga actually found out about the surprise

Anon Indian Friend: How did you find out?
LaughingLoga: I gave her the silent treatment.
Me: Wah, damn kesian. Kononnya actually throwing party for you!
Anon Indian Friend: Damn. I wish mine would give me the silent treatment.

On another note, i did two hills of laundry and hung them out (even tho it was cloudy) because i wanted to use the dryer as little as possible.

Almost stepped on something smack in the middle of the garden…
Poor Dead Mouse
Couldn’t help taking a picture.
I’ve taken of squashed squirrels and other dead animals before, but not a mouse.

Then i had to pick it up (with newspapers of course!!!) and throw it away.
But even in my brave state, i was still quite grossed out with the whole rubbery feel of it all.

6 Responses to Recovery

  1. Kevin Yeoh says:

    Thank god i’m not counting to comment now.

  2. Wilson says:

    hahaha…. is that so bad?

  3. nAt says:

    Get well soon ๐Ÿ™‚

    EEKK to the dead rat ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. Dashken says:

    Finally, no math questions that always say I’m wrong. ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Cyn says:

    The rat actually doesn’t look dead… just kinda frozen. Wonder what happened to him

  6. Fei says:

    yeah, i wonder how it is what it is now.

    Stupefy-ed maybe. its a spell to put the target in an unconscious state, well, for one it really doesnt look like a very Crucio spell to me, Crucio is pretty deadly, as it inflicts deadly pain but the eyeball of the mouse just seemed …u know…stupefied from whatever that happened.

    OR another easier explanation is that it froze to death, KL rainy season whey…….(-_-)must be the rain!!!

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