“I should go get Brand’s Essence of Kitchen.” – STB

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STB is Sad Tired Brain.
As that’s what It said to me as i was driving home.
And i was so tired i ter-took the wrong turning and took even *longer* to reach home.


I intentionally came home before 1am today because i really wanted to blog about Global Gathering.

And my pc decided to die on me.

“What’s wrong? You didn’t fix it?!” i cajoled NickIsTaller after he took a look.
“I don’t know la. I’m going to go to sleep, i’ll look at it again tomorrow.”

I almost wept cos i was so tired and upset okay.
Plus i left my laptop in the office so i’m using my mum’s now.
At least i have internet ,though no Photoshop (so no pictures for now, sorry, i’m as disappointed as you are!)

So today will be all babbling and text ๐Ÿ˜€
I got a nice little surprise when i saw that DatinTini took some FB quiz (something about what’s important in life to us) and FB dubbed us ‘Twins’ cos we have a whopping similarity of 98%!

Besides that, we both got so into work that we didn’t have breakfast or lunch and grudgingly submitted to ordering Mickey Ds in the office at 5pm when we couldn’t take it anymore.

My brain started malfunctioning later at night when i started typing wrong and blurted out to her, “Look at me!” when i meant, “Look at me, i’m such a dunggu!” cos we were doing a report together.
She jerked her head and stared into the side of my face.
“What?!” i blared.
She continued staring, “I’m looking at you la! You asked me to look at you!”

Crazy bitch made me laugh so much.

Then our emails started screwing up on us and she couldn’t use her email, so i sent out some invite to our direct team regarding Lam’s farewell party.
Semangat type stupid things in it like a made-up dress code and rubbish.
We both stared at it, wondering whether we missed anything out.
Venue, yeah. Time, yeah. Ok ok, send!

DikHaHaHau emailed me back a mere minute later – “Eh genius, when’s the date?”

I is so fail.
Emailed the team event updates on what i know is going on in KL for the next couple of weeks (not that i know alot okay, i only know the ones i’m invited to. Everyone keeps on asking me, ‘So, what’re you going for tomorrow?’ and i usually go, ‘nothing. i don’t know anything. i only know if someone, like YOU, invites me!’)
Along with the event updates, i included news on the Club 21 sale.


It’s open to public this Friday-Sunday, 10AM-8PM
JW Marriott Hotel
, Level 4, Starhill 3
Brands include: AX, CK, EA, GA, Max&Co., MaxMara, Paul Smith, Song+Kelly21

Lam emailed back that sales weren’t exactly considered an event to be flabbergasted about.


Went for the Juicy Couture launch @ Pavilion on Tues night and you know how all these launches are the same thing over and over again?
The same people, the same drinks, the same chatter, the same dress code, bla bla bla, but i can safely say for myself and others that *that* was a FANTASTIC party.
I was blown away by the diversity and funkiness of the people who went!
Quite a number of new faces, and so much interesting chit chat.
I so want to know who did their PR. It was magnificent.

This random white dude kept on smiling at me and we introduced ourselves.
But then he started following me around (he was quite drunk) and i really didn’t feel like making conversation with him so i introduced him to whomever was around me, hoping he’d talk to them instead whilst i ran off.

He found me outside later on and i thought, okay la, talk to the fellow a bit, won’t die right.
Plus he probably doesn’t know many people here and a bit kesian.

“So, where do you work?” i asked, cos really, that’s the easiest question when you don’t know what to talk about.
“I work for —-.”

No shit. That’s where *i* work. 0_o

“Which brand are you with?”
i pressed.
“Oh!… are you based in KL?” I was pretty sure i haven’t seen him around headquarters, though then again, there *are* hundreds of people in the company.
“No, i’m based in Seoul actually, i’m just here for a few days.”
“Ah, work trip. When’re you going back?”
“In a few hours. My flight leaves soon.”
Wah the fellow quite mabuk and can still make it for flight? Champion.

“Shit… how are you gonna make it there on time?”
“Oh no worries, the limo will take me.”
“Ah, i see.”
“Where do you work?”

Ding, ding, ding! The million dollar question.

“I… work for —-. Same as you!” i laughed.
“No! I don’t believe you! You’re bluffing me.”

I fished out my name card and he squinted down at it.

“Shit. The only girl i hit on and you work at —-“
I couldn’t stop laughing.
“Oh well.”

Scampering off, i found DikHaHaHau and told him my funny story.
As expected, he roared with laughter at the incident.
“Babe, that was head of brand for ——- in Korea, hahaha!”
“Oh well.”

Then DikHaHaHau got a bit TooTooDrunk and i drove him back to Dax’s exgallery on his pretense that he’d ‘teman’ me.

He passed out in my car and mumbled, “I can’t believe Joyce Mabuk Wong is taking care of me…”


Should leave you at the side of the road next time.
Check out Antares’ Adoi online!
Published in 1989, 13 thousand copies sold and the fellow is just putting it online for free reading. Talk about free love.

Also, Miss NatalieKerneesee (i think that’s how it’s pronounced…) has jumped unto the blogging bandwagon.

6 Responses to “I should go get Brand’s Essence of Kitchen.” – STB

  1. kanch says:

    kitchen???? hahahahhahaha whos this stb? totally cracked me up.

  2. pretaporter says:

    Adoi so witty! Eh it’s sold more than 13 thousand copies not 13 mil.. must be so STB haha!

  3. Kevin Yeoh says:


  4. TBG says:

    OMGZ!!! Finally I am able to comment. Cant comment last time when you were with xanga lah (signed up but dunno how to use LOL)

    So did you like get this mabuk white guy’s name card in exchange?

  5. JoyceTheFairy says:

    Kanch: eh you don’t read properly issit? -_- i wrote on the second line!

    pretaporter: oops! Salah type!

    kev: eh…. -_-

    tbg: how’s your baby!? i saw pics on ed’s hp ๐Ÿ˜€ no la, for what get his namecard :p

  6. TBG says:

    baby’s ok lah…been crying and waking up a lot in the middle of the night….must be the partying genes from our pools lah!!!

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